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Why are Direct ATPI the perfect travel partner for change?

In an industry that’s always evolving, it’s essential that clients work with a company that is flexible, reactive, and calm under pressure.
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Nikki Regan, our Head of Group Commercial Strategy, explains why Direct ATPI is the perfect partner to help you navigate change:

An industry in constant motion

The travel industry never stands still, which is why it’s vital that clients find a partner that embraces change. At Direct ATPI, acknowledging and accepting that this is part and parcel of working within the travel industry helps us ensure that agility is at the heart of everything we do. It pushes us to be better, continually innovate, and never settle for the status quo. We believe passionately that change is not only inevitable but essential; after all, when you repeat the same action, you’ll only ever get the same result.  

As we navigate new technologies, products, and processes alongside our clients, we become stronger together. It’s not always easy, but by welcoming changes, we can take the necessary steps to make them work to our clients’ satisfaction. Personally, I love that our industry is always in flux; it keeps me on my toes and keeps the spark alive – it’s part of the spirit of the business.

Prioritising open dialogue  

Having spent years working in the unpredictable corporate travel industry, I’ve learned that listening to our clients is paramount. At Direct ATPI, we take our role as the perfect partner seriously, prioritising our clients’ challenges so that we can work together in harmony to find the right solutions.  

Our Client Advisory Board brings together a brilliant group of individuals, each invited to share their ideas, feedback, and knowledge. It’s an open forum where we can collaborate on industry-wide challenges, share our experiences, and brainstorm solutions together. These meetups are just one of the ways that the Direct ATPI team empowers our clients to excel in their roles – and they’re a lot of fun too! Last year, for example, our meetup included a tour of Windsor Castle while the current Queen, Camilla, happened to be in residence.

Navigating NDC  

Changes in the travel industry can happen almost overnight or move more slowly. The move towards NDC distribution has been one of these slower changes, but it’s undoubtedly one that’s created a lot of noise! I think it’s important that TMC content is all inclusive, and TMCs will need to work with suppliers and clients to agree the best content for them. NDC isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; these fares will suit some travellers, but not others. It’s important that we have the knowledge, content, passion, and experience available to offer a breadth of choice to all corporate travellers.  

The good news is that NDC distribution isn’t a completely new concept, it’s something that we have been working with for several years at Direct ATPI. The fact that NDC is regarded as a brand-new development shows just how slow the pace of change has been in this instance. As an experienced partner, we take pride in the fact that we’re able to advise our clients and have informed, nuanced conversations. In fact, the knowledge we’ve already gained is now allowing us to support our colleagues in the US, helping them get up to speed on NDC as quickly as possible.  

Creating a sustainable future 

While it can be difficult to predict the future, one change that I believe is going to continue impacting the corporate travel industry is sustainability. Making sustainable travel choices, offsetting carbon, and effectively communicating these changes to our clients’ board members, investors, and customers will need the support of an informed and dynamic partner like Direct ATPI.  

I believe that sustainability should be a part of every client conversation, not only at the start of a partnership but with each subsequent booking. Understanding how to make sustainable choices, and keeping up with new trends, regulations, and legislation in this area, is the only way that we can ensure the future success of our partnerships – as well as the future of our people and our planet!  

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