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The real-life value of using a travel management company: Duty of care

duty of care

For travel managers responsible for orchestrating the seamless movement of employees across the globe, the pursuit of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and duty of care is an ever-present challenge. In the fast-paced world of corporate travel, the real-life value of using a Travel Management Company (TMC) cannot be understated.

It’s every organisation’s legal requirement to fulfil duty of care obligations but that doesn’t make it easy to do so. Duty of care is much more than a tick-box exercise and your TMC should be your partner in this.

24/7 support

When corporate travel doesn’t go to plan, you need a TMC who can provide support whenever, wherever. In an ideal world, this will be managed in-house to ensure that your travellers receive a consistent service across the globe. An established TMC will also have developed strong connections with key suppliers, which can help to resolve any problems quickly and easily.

Traveller tracking

Although the world is getting smaller, a friendly face never feels further away than during an emergency and is something that can place a real strain on corporate travellers. A TMC that can provide a traveller tracking system, allowing you to locate and contact travellers in a crisis, can provide reassurance for those in and out of the office.


In corporate travel, traveller wellbeing is paramount. A TMC’s duty of care extends to ensuring the physical and mental health of travellers. Here’s how traveller wellbeing aligns with the TMC’s role:

  • Preventative Measures: TMCs prioritise traveller wellbeing by scheduling trips that minimize stress, jet lag, and promote wellness during travel.
  • Stress Reduction: TMCs alleviate travel stress through real-time support for disruptions, access to concierge services, and dedicated assistance.
  • Mental Health Support: TMCs provide resources for managing anxiety and mental health issues while traveling, such as telehealth services and counselling.

A TMC’s role in fulfilling duty of care responsibilities goes beyond mere compliance with legal obligations. It encompasses a genuine commitment to the safety, security, and well-being of corporate travellers. This not only promotes a culture of care and support but also enhances the overall travel experience, contributing to the success and reputation of the organisation.

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