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Your responsible travel and events partner

Providing clients with more responsible solutions to their global travel and events programmes.

ATPI Halo is a CO2 measurement, reduction, and compensation service designed by travel management experts for businesses where travel is unavoidable. ATPI Halo is a trusted partner for numerous clients seeking comprehensive coverage for their travel-related sustainability plans.
The journey toward sustainability begins with informed and proactive choices, and ATPI Halo is here to guide you on this transformative path in the knowledge that travel and events are contributors to global warming.

Our methodology



Precise measurement of CO2e footprints throughout travel and event processes, powered by the CO2e Calculator for detailed impact reports.

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Transform your organisation’s environmental impact with our consultancy-driven platform, offering personalised guidance beyond CO2e measurement.



Carbon offsetting is simple and impactful with our agile compensation portfolio, offering certified projects, secure pricing, and real-time CO2 cost visibility.


Our key principle is that you cannot effectively reduce what is not measured. Our strategic partnership with Thrust Carbon ensures the seamless measurement of your CO2e footprint data collected during the entirety of travel and event processes. The data is consistent at both POS and MIS.

Our partnership with Thrust Carbon has allowed us to launch the ATPI Halo Events CO2e Calculator, a tool that helps generate granular impact reports on events.

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We offer a consultancy-based approach to help you reduce environmental impact. Through a tailored consultancy approach facilitated by our Account Managers, the platform goes beyond just CO2e measurement, providing recommendations for more sustainable travel practices for organisations.

We have partnered with a leading SAF provider, Neste, to enable you an opportunity to actively reduce in-sector carbon emissions by investing in SAF for your business travel. We additionally offer comparative data on routes or types of transport.

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We offer an agile compensation portfolio in partnership with Respira, a leading CO2 project provider. Access high-quality, certified projects from renewable energy to nature-based carbon removals, aligning with your unique goals and values. Enjoy secure pricing and a competitive, evolving portfolio.

Beyond transactional offsetting, our expert advice ensures global project selection. Alternatively, our point-of-invoice calculations empower real-time, fully compensated travel programs, enabling travellers to see CO2 costs instantly.

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Build a CO2 compensation portfolio with ATPI

ATPI Halo consultancy will source other specific projects to fit client requirements and align with wider corporate goals on an ad hoc and bespoke basis.

ATPI helps to secure prices in rising markets by packaging our travel offering alongside a choice of our projects at the point of sale, making the management of your CO2 footprint more affordable than going into the general offset market.

See our carbon compensation portfolio
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Purchase your offsets

With several funding options, ATPI will work with clients to deliver fully compensated travel at a suitable cost, with associate planning, MIS reporting and verification tools.

ATPI offsetting options will address clients’ objectives:

  • Type of project
  • Price of the offset unit
  • Jurisdiction
  • SDG

ATPI measures the CO2 emissions using industry-recognised metrics to calculate the tonnage to be compensated. The client then chooses their portfolio or project and receives a certificate of offsetting, setting out the total offset tonnage and the projects invested in (together with the world-leading or Verra registry serial numbers for audit purposes).

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