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The real-life value of using a management company: Sustainability

sustainable travel

As environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives become more intertwined with corporate travel programs, aligning with a travel management company (TMC) that shares your sustainability values is imperative. Serving as an extension of your business, your TMC can support your Sustainability goals concerning your travel and events program.

Prioritising Sustainability

With growing emphasis on the importance of addressing the climate crisis and the introduction of mandatory non-financial reporting, it is crucial to partner with a TMC that offers tangible solutions. A TMC can play a pivotal role by aligning travel practices with sustainability goals. Having access to a TMC’s advanced suite of tools designed to identify, measure, reduce, and compensate residual carbon emissions makes incorporating your ESG goals into your travel programme a simple task.

A Sustainable Vision for Future Travel

We understand the importance of travel and events to your business. The positive benefits of meeting in person or unavoidable travel are undeniable. With that comes the requirement to measure and address residual Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions. Partnering with a TMC that has a long-term vision advocating for sustainable practices that contribute to achieving net zero goals will support your overall corporate sustainability strategy.

The right TMC will be able to seamlessly embed sustainable travel practice into your everyday travel and events activities resulting in a gradually reducing your GHG footprint and improving traveller wellbeing. It is a fact that there will be residual emissions from business and events travel for the foreseeable future that will need to be compensated for. Your TMC should be able to provide you with a portfolio of high-quality, certified carbon compensation projects.

Measuring Impact

The starting point of any sustainable travel program begins with the ability to capture and report on emissions data. The reliability of the calculation methodology adopted by your TMC is just as important to accurately identify the choices and behaviours that are impacting the overall sustainability of your program. Together with you, your TMC will be able to identify areas for improvement, implement the change and importantly be able to provide the reporting that demonstrates how your business has positively reduced its impact. 

Completing the sustainability circle

In addition to evaluating the tools and services your TMC offers, including carbon measurement, emissions dashboards, and carbon reduction and compensation programs, it is important to consider what broader actions the company is taking to create complete sustainable travel programmes.

Only a TMC that embraces the need to address all ESG goals itself can support your business’ vision. Incorporating sustainable procurement practices into your supply chain is an element that your TMC can support your business with.

Your TMC should understand that traveller well-being is a more recent key element to your duty of care solution. In every step of the business trip your TMC should be there to ensure that your travellers are safe, healthy, and supported, from planning, booking, during and post-trip.

Your TMC should support all aspects of sustainability, from traveller well-being to reducing and compensating your CO2e impact so you can concentrate on other areas of your business and supply chain, giving you peace of mind and allowing your travellers to focus on their objectives.

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