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Direct ATPI’s partnership with Cytric Easy by Amadeus transforms client booking experience

Leading global business travel management company becomes one of the only UK TMCs to enable customers to book trips through Cytric Easy in Microsoft Teams.
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Direct ATPI, the leading global business travel management company, announces its partnership with Cytric Easy has led to a 37% increase in new business enquiries in the first four months since launch. The news comes following the ATPI Group’s most profitable year to date since its inception over two decades ago.

Direct ATPI’s partnership with Cytric Easy by Amadeus was launched in June 2023 to streamline the travel booking experience and enable a more collaborative, intuitive and seamless experience for Direct ATPI’s customers from start to finish. 

Cytric Easy by Amadeus is the only travel management and expense tool embedded in Microsoft Teams. Designed to empower travellers by harnessing the applications they use in their everyday lives, Direct ATPI is eliminating the need for app switching by simplifying the entire booking process and meeting customers wherever they are. 

With just one login across your workplace ecosystem, users can plan trips and share trip itineraries with their colleagues using Microsoft Teams chat, book the same trip as their colleagues, or get recommendations to meet with close collaborators at their destination. Booking business travel is now faster, easier and more collaborative than ever before.

From a sustainability standpoint, Cytric Easy by Amadeus gives employees the tools and visibility to make more sustainable travel decisions and plan trips together, helping them calculate and minimise travel-related CO2 emissions to achieve sustainability goals. For example, travellers can share a ride from the airport or rail station with colleagues arriving around the same time. 

The partnership with Cytric Easy by Amadeus complements ATPI’s recent integration with Microsoft Teams, enabling customers to update traveller profiles and seamlessly view, plan, approve and discuss business trips within one easy-to-use application without the need to use any other products on their browser. To reinforce its commitment to providing hassle-free business travel solutions, ATPI’s partnership with Cytric Easy by Amadeus extends this offering by enabling customers to now manage the entire travel process, including bookings within Teams.

Jenny Thornton, Director of Technology Solutions at Direct ATPI said: “Cytric Easy is one of the best and most intuitive tech applications I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and this partnership is a pivotal step towards fulfilling our commitment to delivering outstanding solutions for the travel industry.

“Partnering with Cytric Easy by Amadeus is the next logical step in our longstanding relationship with Amadeus and enables us to continue to provide the best possible customer experience for our customers. Travel managers are happy if their travellers are happy, and our aim is to make that a reality and deliver what really matters.”

Graeme Milne, Director Sales and Account Management, UK, Ireland and Nordics, Amadeus Cytric Solutions said: “We are delighted to be deepening our partnership with Direct ATPI.  With just one app, travellers can search, compare, or book a hotel, flight or car rental – without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.”

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