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Five questions for ATPI Head of Sales, Jochem Hemink

Five reasons why ATPI is your perfect travel partner, by Jochem Hemink.
Jochem Hemink.

Organizing a business trip or corporate event often takes a significant amount of time and energy: hours that an employer or employee would prefer to allocate to tasks within their own organization. ‘That’s something you’d better outsource to professionals,’ explains ATPI’s Head of Sales, Jochem Hemink. We asked him five questions.

What can ATPI provide to your organization?

“First and foremost: Peace of Mind. Be certain that your trip is arranged in the best possible way. Of course, you can book a ticket and arrange a hotel yourself, but how can you be sure you’re paying the right price? And does the hotel have all the facilities you will need during your business trip? Our business travel consultants have access to various tools, and thanks to their years of experience, they have the insight and knowledge to make the correct choices. But before that, they first familiarize themselves with your company. How does your organization handle travel, and what about travel habits? We take all of that into account when offering the most suitable travel solution. So that you know you won’t encounter any surprises, and everything is truly well arranged. Equally important is what to do if the trip doesn’t go as planned. That’s when ATPI becomes your safety net and guides you step by step, so you can focus on the purpose of the trip. Essentially, you just need to pack your suitcase. That’s genuine Peace of Mind.” Jochem Hemink.

Can ATPI also assist when our employees book their trips themselves?

“Absolutely. Not all trips are complex; sometimes you just want to go from A to B at a specific time and handle it on your own. Perhaps you make that trip numerous times a year. In that case, you know best how and with which providers you want to travel. To ensure that your travel still aligns with the organization’s travel policy, that your trip is included in the management reports, and that you can rely on ATPI’s safety net in case of emergencies, ATPI has developed Travelgub. Through Travelhub, you can directly access your online booking tool, where you can book your trip with just a few clicks. For travel managers, ATPI Travelhub serves your company in two ways: on one hand, it provides convenience to the users, and on the other hand, it gives you control over who books what. The users of ATPI Travelhub within your company all follow the travel policy customized for your company with the online booking tool. This way, your travellers always make the right choice. Remarkably, for the maritime and energy sectors, we even offer special marine fares that can be booked through Travelhub.” Jochem Hemink.

Do you have a handy tool that provides insight into all our travel movements and travel expenses?

“A business trip often generates a considerable amount of paperwork – flight tickets, hotel expenses, and so on. It can be challenging to maintain control over your expenditures, especially in relation to your travel policy. Are the trips still within budget? That’s why we developed ATPI Analytics 2.0. Our online reporting system provides visibility into all travel data, including key performance indicators. Analytics maps out the progress of your travel program, and based on the collected data, you and your ATPI account manager can then engage in evaluation and benchmarking. This way, you can immediately see where your travel program can become more efficient and where savings can be achieved.” Jochem Hemink. 

Can we also count on ATPI in case of emergencies?

“No matter how well we do our job, unexpected circumstances or emergencies cannot be ruled out. From strikes to extreme weather conditions, external factors can suddenly disrupt plans. As a company, you have a duty of care to your employees, so it’s essential to always be aware of where your employees are and at what time. If multiple people are travelling, maintaining this overview can quickly become challenging. With ATPI’s Traveller Tracking System, you’ll know exactly where your employees are and at what time. In case of an emergency, a single press of a button is enough to locate and inform your people. This is ideal in crisis situations, where you sometimes need to inform and support multiple individuals. And of course, ATPI assist you with that: we have a 24/7 helpdesk, the safety net for your travellers.” Jochem Hemink.

Can you also help us to make our travel program more sustainable?

“Every trip has an impact on the environment due to greenhouse gas emissions, unfortunately, it’s unavoidable. As a company, you have a responsibility to minimize that ecological footprint as much as possible. Therefore, you need to start by knowing the environmental impact of your travel program in the first place. Once you have that insight, you’ll begin to see what you can do to reduce the CO2 emissions of your travel program. ATPI can assist you with that. We assess the emissions and based on that, our professionals advise on how to lower them. This could involve changing travel methods or focusing on environmentally conscious suppliers. Reducing travel might also be among the potential recommendations. Raising awareness among travellers is crucial as well. That’s why we make emission data visible during the booking process. Any emissions that you can’t prevent or reduce can be offset. For this purpose, ATPI has developed the ATPI Halo program. As an organization, you can join one of our certified CO2 offset programs to offset the impact of your travel program. By measuring, reducing, and offsetting, we collaborate to design the strategy that best suits your company.” Jochem Hemink.

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