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ATPI Traveller Tracking System

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Track, monitor and communicate with your travellers wherever and whenever you need to with ATPI Traveller Tracking System.


ATPI Traveller Tracking System stands as a versatile communication lifeline for organisations, offering a spectrum of support to travellers. Beyond routine follow-up messages, this system excels in facilitating critical communication during unforeseen crises. Whether it’s confirming safe arrivals or navigating through challenging situations, ATPI Traveller Tracking ensures seamless communication throughout the entire trip. This robust support mechanism not only enhances traveller safety and confidence but also serves as a proactive tool for organisations to respond promptly and effectively to any emergent situations, reinforcing the commitment to duty of care and comprehensive travel management.

Real-Time Global Visibility

Real-time global visibility

Track the whereabouts of your travellers in real time, ensuring you always know their location and well-being.

Instant Emergency Communication

Instant emergency communication

Communicate directly with travellers during emergencies, providing guidance and assistance when needed.

Centralised Data Management

Interactive traveller dashboard

Empower travellers with a dedicated dashboard to update their location and access critical travel information.

Automated Itinerary Monitoring

Automated itinerary monitoring

Automatically monitor travel itineraries and alert travellers and stakeholders about potential disruptions.

Geofencing & Custom Alerts

Geofencing & custom alerts

Define geographical boundaries and receive alerts when travellers enter or exit specific areas of interest.

International Compliance

Comprehensive risk assessment

Evaluate travel risk levels based on destinations, providing actionable insights for safer journeys.

Secure Data Handling

Secure data handling

Safeguard traveller information with robust security measures to protect privacy and comply with regulations.

Detailed Audit Trails

Detailed audit trails

Maintain thorough records of traveller movements and communications for post-trip analysis and compliance.

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