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Managing duty of care in the mining industry

The challenges of safety and security begin the moment your employees walk out the front door.
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ATPI Mining Travel’s duty of care solutions keep your teams safe, secure, and supported at every stage of their journey by mitigating risks when travelling to remote locations, high-risk locations, unpredictable weather occurrences, and especially the challenges presented by the global pandemic, allowing the mining sector to go about its business.

Learn how our tools, technology, and services, combined with advice from mining industry experts, keep your travellers safe and mobile while keeping your organisation compliant in this article.

Duty of Care

Inadequate duty of care practices can have a significant impact on employee morale. Poorly managed transportation, miscommunications about travel itineraries, and safety concerns can all lead to decreased retention, increased recruitment costs, and strained budgets, which is why a well-planned and well-executed duty of care programme is critical.

ATPI Mining Travel’s duty of care solution is intended to make your travellers feel safe and secure before, during, and after each trip. Pre-trip reporting, traveller tracking software, travel risk maps, and instant travel alerts can be combined to create a programme that meets the needs of the mining industry, allowing you to take a proactive approach to track travellers, anticipating travel disruption, and providing assistance whenever and wherever it is required.

ATPI Traveller Tracking System

The traveller tracking tool containing everything you need to keep your crew safe and secure, ATPI Traveller Tracking System keeps FIFO teams and onsite personnel informed before, during and after every trip by providing a real-time view of travel risks, traveller whereabouts and emergency incidents. 

Enabling you to act quickly in the event of an emergency, ATPI Traveller Tracking System improves your duty of care programme by:

  • Ensuring all travel is compliant with your duty of care obligations as an employer
  • Enabling instant and direct communication with FIFO teams and travelling personnel in the event of an emergency
  • Equipping mining organisations with useful overviews and detailed reports of travel risks prior to a trip taking place
  • Tracing a complete audit trail of all communication, ready for post-incident reviews
  • Being available for all locations at all times

ATPI Alerts

ATPI Alerts provides FIFO managers with all of the information they need to be proactive in their FIFO swing management, allowing them to respond quickly to unexpected travel crises for maximum efficiency.

Proving to be an invaluable tool in keeping essential work continuing throughout the Covid-19 pandemic cycles, ATPI Alerts gives mining organisation direct access to the information that they need in order to make crucial travel decisions. Individual stakeholders can choose their own alert subscriptions and filter results by one of five urgency levels and four categories (health, safety & security, transportation, weather & nature).

ATPI On the Go

With real-time travel status updates, mobile itineraries, passport and visa information, emergency contact information for services worldwide, and emergency contact numbers, ATPI On The Go gives your travellers everything they need to get where they’re going and focus on what they need to do.

ATPI On The Go can improve onsite worker rotations and company-wide travel for mining organisations by:

  • Displaying future travel itineraries in an intuitive and easily-shareable format
  • Giving instant access to real-time travel information, such as flight statuses, rail delays and wider information about worldwide destinations
  • Integrating seamlessly with each traveller’s passport information and preferences, including visa details and loyalty card numbers
  • Enabling easily shared itineraries for more efficient group travel and collaborative working
  • Offering compatibility with a range of devices
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