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ATPI Alerts

Stay informed

Get real-time travel notifications, customise your alerts, and enhance risk mitigation for the safety of your travelling personnel with ATPI Alerts.


ATPI Alerts empowers travel managers with comprehensive information, enabling proactive corporate travel management. By swiftly responding to unforeseen travel crises and strategically planning for optimal efficiency, travel managers can enhance their day-to-day operations. Bookers and travelers have the flexibility to tailor alert subscriptions, choosing from four distinct categories—health, safety & security, transportation, and weather & nature—each with five urgency levels. This personalized approach ensures that individuals receive relevant and timely notifications, allowing for a more tailored and responsive travel experience. In a world where agility is paramount, ATPI Alerts is your indispensable tool for staying ahead in the dynamic landscape of business travel.

Flight Status Information

Real-time travel notifications

Receive instant alerts for critical travel updates, enabling swift responses to changes and emergencies.

Tailored Travel Alerts

Tailored travel alerts

Customise alerts based on specific criteria, ensuring you stay informed about the events that matter most.

International Compliance

Global risk mitigation

Enhance duty of care by proactively monitoring and addressing travel risks, prioritising traveller safety.

Multi-Level Approval Workflows

Multi-channel alert delivery

Receive critical travel notifications through various channels, including SMS, email, and mobile app, ensuring you’re always informed.

Efficient Travel Authorisation

Customisable alert preferences

Tailor your alert preferences based on urgency, frequency, and communication channels for a personalised experience.

Audit Trail & Reporting

Real-time travel intelligence

Access real-time insights on global events and disruptions that could impact travel, allowing for proactive planning.

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