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How to alleviate FIFO issues

Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) workforces are great for providing mining companies with a ready source of workers, but they can also be a logistical nightmare. Organising travel, lodging, and work schedules for hundreds of people at once is a daily occurrence for mining companies; this, combined with a skilled labour shortage, forces mining companies to constantly adjust priorities.

We spoke with Kathy Larkan, Head of Mining and Resources, about the unique challenges mining companies face whilst keeping their operations in production in underdeveloped, remote regions of the world using FIFO workers and how ATPI Mining Travel can alleviate FIFO issues.


Travel is one of the most significant challenges that FIFO workers face. Mines are typically located in remote areas far from major airports, and in some cases, no airports exist at all. Travel by commercial or charter flights, bus, car, train, and helicopter must also be organised for multiple workers at the same time, which frequently necessitates contact with multiple travel suppliers to make the bookings.


Finding and scheduling workers’ accommodations is also a challenge. Saving money by having workers rotate the use of beds requires excellent organisational skills, as does finding enough accommodation at the right places and times.


Finances are an important consideration for mining companies that employ FIFO workers. Credit cards issued by the company are occasionally misused, and spending limits are exceeded. As a result, single-use payment cards with pre-set controls and limits are now available.

ATPI’s Solution

ATPI has the ability, proven experience, and capacity to provide Mining companies with a global ecosystem that is a fusion of technology and people that delivers services and bankable savings.

Our global single technology platform, HUBs, Gateway, and local team structure ensure that we can always provide a scalable and efficient travel service to all of our clients, especially during periods of high demand or emergency repatriation.

ATPI’s Gateway Solution provides services, and our unique global service delivery model (one holistic technology eco-system) includes a business continuity plan that allows us to quickly “flex up” staffing during emergency or peak periods. We are a dedicated global consultant team that operates around the clock and uses a single technology platform.

ATPI TravelHub

ATPI TravelHub is the heart of our unified technology platform, housing Mining companies’ total travel technology options and data in a single repository.

Access to a centralised platform that allows mining companies to control and manage their entire travel programme from a desktop or mobile device is advantageous. Mining companies can consolidate their travel tools, technology, policy, documentation, and data.

Benefits of using ATPI TravelHub:

  • Comprehensive data, accessible and actionable through a single platform, allowing full visibility of total trip cost and traveller location.
  • Direct access point for self-booking for travellers to drive compliance, reduce leakage, and improve duty of care.
  • Profile management is available across all ATPI Mining & Resources and preferred partner products.
  • Single sign-on capabilities are built in, as is integration with Mining Companies’ internal platforms.
  • Access to products, functionality, or content that is tailored to individual users, divisions, or geographies.
  • Simple, intuitive, and customisable interface available on desktop, tablet, and smartphone, allowing for easier and more secure management of all your travel tools and technology.
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