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How does the mining industry harness technology to create a seamless travel plan

In order to keep employees safe and operations legal, businesses in the mining sector must navigate subtle obstacles and logistics, and stringent industry laws.
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It is essential for these organisations to arm themselves with market-leading mining travel technology in order to boost efficiency, control and visibility within their FIFO travel plans.

By automating many of the manual processes involved with booking and managing FIFO rosters and travel for the mining sector, online booking tools instantly improve efficiency, streamline the approval process, eliminate manual errors and at the same time save valuable resource time.

ATPI Mining Travel specialises in providing travel for mining organisations. It is a priority to ensure our clients have access to industry-leading travel management tools and can integrate these solutions seamlessly with their current processes. Each of our travel services has been created to meet the complex challenges faced by those operating in the sector.

As an expert in the use of technology integration, we create travel solutions that deliver results while working in tandem with your organisation’s existing systems. We provide your company with travel management tools that are tailored to how and where you work. Whatever challenges you face, we’ll equip you with the best tools to overcome them.

ATPI Traveller Tracking System

Accompany your crew on their journey without ever leaving your desk by using ATPI’s Traveller Tracking System. The system puts mining organisations in control, allowing you to track, monitor and communicate with your workforce as they travel.

Keep your FIFO teams and onsite personnel informed before, during and after every trip by providing a real-time view of travel risks and traveller whereabouts. Confirm safe arrival at their destination with instant messaging, check in on their location and send critical alerts in a time of crisis.

ATPI Alerts

Alerts provides your organisation all of the information you need in order to be proactive in your travel management, enabling you to react quickly to unexpected travel crises for optimal efficiency when managing your FIFO’s travel.

By receiving up to the minute breaking travel news updates, keep your mining organisation informed so that you can keep your FIFO teams moving.

ATPI Analytics

Travel data is considered to be at the core of any well-managed travel programme. As a complex topic for many mining organisations, a dynamic and often bespoke platform is required to get the best results from your data.

ATPI Analytics is a next-generation, travel analytics platform which provides complete clarity and visibility of your FIFO team’s travel data. The updated platform has moved from the thought of just presenting data to bringing useful insights, which allow you to make meaningful actions.

This will not only help improve your overall FIFO travel programme but will facilitate cost savings through our new intuitive interface and AI-driven insights.

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