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How to make your corporate travel more sustainable

What best practice targets and ambitions have we set for this year? Which do we need to work harder at? Is it too late to still make some new year’s resolutions?

When it comes to operating your business more sustainably it is never too late. Especially when it comes to making corporate travel more sustainable.

There are still 50 weeks of 2022 to make a difference. Many sustainability resolutions will continue into future years to come.

From pledging to eliminate unnecessary travel to meetings that can be held virtually, to walking and cycling more and driving less, or supporting your business by working with ATPI to create a more sustainable travel policy, the sooner you start on your sustainability strategy, the sooner it will make a positive impact.

By reviewing your CO2 travel footprint report you have taken Step 1 in the Measure-Reduce-Offset framework.

Step 2: Reduce – is where you can analyse the data and make recommendations for a reduced carbon footprint, for instance:

  • increase domestic rail use and cut domestic air travel
  • travel on direct flights as far as possible, reduce transit points in general
  • support hotels that have environmental pledges and policies
  • choose car rentals that provide e or hybrid cars

Step 3: Offset – is where ATPI Halo offers a range of world class carbon offset projects for clients to choose from, when they decide to offset their unavoidable and essential travel footprint. To learn more about ATPI Halo visit https://halo.atpi.com/

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