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Yacht Logistics

Travel and logistics services for the yachting industry

After providing yacht logistics and expertise for over 30 years, ATPI Yacht Logistics is the travel management partner of choice for yacht management servicing companies and super yacht crews around the world. Our global reach, 24/7 service and innovative technology enables your organisation to navigate the sector’s high demand for speed and efficiency of service, as well as cost-effective solutions.

Achieve a more efficient crew management process to look after both your crew and budget

ATPI Yacht Logistics gives you 24/7 access to everything you need to successfully manage the travel of your crew, without compromising on safety or cost.

ATPI Yacht Logistics’ sector-specialised agents and innovative technology designed to make crew travel more efficient combine to reduce the cost and time spent on getting your crew where they need to be.

We can also provide your crew management with travel analytics for every trip, as our predictive analytics tools not only deliver key management information, but also offer intelligent insights into how crew travel could become more efficient and cost-effective. 

Our expert teams are located across the world, meaning that you and your crew benefit from a consistently high service no matter where you are.

Achieve a more efficient crew management process to look after both your crew and budget

Turn crew travel into a manageable expense

Access specialised marine fares and exclusive route deals through ATPI Yacht Logistics' global network and significant buying power, and benefit from increased baggage allowance, amendable rates and tangible savings.

Over 30 years of servicing clients in the yachting industry, backed with the global reach of The ATPI Group, equip our expert team to fulfil your travel related requirements wherever you are in the world, 24/7.

Our specialisation in negotiated marine airfares for the yachting industry gives you access to fully refundable and amendable fares, increased baggage allowances and significant fare savings. We can also support crew members with passport and visa management, ensuring that all crew have everything they need to travel. 

Crew members will also have access to ATPI Yacht Logistics’ mobile travel app, enabling them to check itineraries and key travel information, contact one of ATPI’s 190 global offices and even share their exact location at the touch of a button. 

Turn crew travel into a manageable expense

Access yacht logistics expertise around the world and around the clock

ATPI Yacht Logistics hubs are based in Nice, London and Miami. Our hand-picked and specialised marine travel specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our comprehensive travel service offerings backed by our experience in the yachting industry allows you to focus on delivering what really matters to your clients. ATPI Yacht Logistics will manage the entire travel process from end-to-end, including arranging accommodation and ground transport.

ATPI Yacht logistics can provide your organisation with in-depth reporting services and analysis of key travel and spend data, keeping you informed of cost and travel trends at all times in order to inform forecasting and future decision-making. 

We also offer tailored VIP travel services should you require them, ensuring that your guests enjoy an enhanced travel experience, managed by experts.

Access yacht logistics expertise around the world and around the clock