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Wilhelmsen Port Services Hellas



Calypso Diareme

Global Head of Cruise Logistics


ATPI Marine Travel has developed a sector-specific offering in collaboration with those in the cruise industry that directly addresses the challenges faced by cruise operators today and enhances travel processes and strategies fit for the future. Managing travel to and from vessels for deck-and-engine crew, hotel crew, and office staff can be complicated and time-consuming, as well as inefficient and costly. Working with ATPI Marine Travel has allowed many cruise clients to prioritise what is most important to their business. In this case study, we take a look at the challenges faced by Wilhelmsen Port Services Hellas and how ATPI have delivered what really matters by offering support and providing seamless crew travel 24/7.

The Client

In 2,200 port locations, Wilhelmsen Port Services offers full agency and tour operator- Shorex, to cruise passengers. This implies that they must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to those that they service. Whether it is a vessel, crew or guest they’re looking after, they pride themselves on making a difference during any port call or turnaround.

The Challenge

Due to a last-minute change of plans, Wilhelmsen Port Services Hellas enlisted the help of ATPI to transport a group of cruise passengers from Mykonos to Athens. It quickly became clear that this actually meant 130 high-level customers on a luxury cruise

The team quickly realised that the lack of ferries from the islands due to weather conditions had already resulted in heavy-loaded aeroplanes. There was also no option for a charter because it was very last minute. Nonetheless, we needed to find a solution for these travellers and this to be within the weekend.

To coordinate the project, ATPI’s shift manager, operations manager, and account manager, as well as Wilhelmsen Port Services’s on site manager in charge, formed an immediate task force.

The Solution

The ATPI task force started by grouping travellers together depending on the urgency to depart first, the earlier the flight, the sooner they got booked.

It was then determined that some people would prefer to go the next morning because their international flights were scheduled for the following day, which greatly improved the situation.

We eventually found all of the seats for all 130 passengers on time, upgrading to Business Class as many as the aircrafts could fit, and arranging for an extra suitcase for each traveller. To ensure that everything ran smoothly, the team pre-seated and checked in every last passenger, while also contacting the airlines and requesting special assistance and fast lane service for the cruise groups, which they gladly provided.

The first day of departures went off without a hitch. The morning after, however, when the next group was departing, we received a call that there was a problem with one traveller’s passport, not allowing the airline to check them in. Our 24/7 shift immediately contacted the airline and made the necessary changes to the booking so that the traveller could fly.

All 130 passengers boarded their flights on time and with nothing but pleasant memories and plenty of Greek souvenirs!

All of this was made possible by a joint effort between ATPI Marine Travel and Wilhelmsen Port Services Hellas. The combined knowledge, 24/7 support, systems and resources enabled the 130 travellers to have a stress-free experience when transferring.

“In our today’s world where the unexpected should be expected, it’s a pleasure to cooperate with companies like ATPI that have the necessary automation, but also the human understanding and sensitivity, to deal effectively with such emergencies. Thanks to All the team involved in subject case.”

Christos Makrialeas, Managing Director Greece, Wilhelmsen Port Services Hellas

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