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Delivering stress-free crew travel solutions for a leading ocean cruise company


A Leading Ocean Cruise Company



Calypso Diareme

Global Head of Cruise Logistics


Working closely with those in the cruise industry, ATPI Marine has developed a sector-specific offering that directly addresses the challenges faced by cruise operators today and develops travel processes and strategies that are fit for the future, ensuring stress-free crew travel solutions.

Managing travel to and from vessels for deck and engine crew, hotel crew, and office staff can be complex and time-consuming, with a high risk of becoming inefficient and costly. Working alongside ATPI Marine has enabled many cruise clients to prioritise the things that are most important to their organisation.

In this case study, we take a look at the challenges faced by a large cruise client and how ATPI Marine have delivered what really matters by offering support and providing seamless crew travel 24/7.

The Client

The client is an ocean cruise company with more than 25 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry. With a goal to build the cleanest, safest and quietest ships in the luxury expedition cruise category, the client offers an incredibly intimate view of some of the world’s most exciting destinations all with the comfort of five-star service.

The Challenge

With the client travelling to some of the world’s most exciting locations such as Antarctica and Scandinavia, getting crew to and from these locations provides many logistical challenges.
Having worked with the client for multiple years, we have helped them during Covid with lay-ups, restarts, the Ukrainian War and as well as the relative issues the whole industry has to deal with.

Most recently, due to strikes, there were many flight cancellations in and out of Scandinavia. This created a huge problem as the airline was the only one flying to remote locations such as Longyearbyen in Norway. This also came about at the same time as the crew shortages in Europe, leading to even more flight cancellations and lost luggage in some cases.

This was a huge issue for the client as crew not being able to reach the cruises, some of whom were scientific personnel, would result in whole cruise trips being cancelled. This would lead to unhappy customers and a damaging financial impact.

The Solution

ATPI Marine effectively managed to adapt to new challenges and constant changes with airlines, flights and restrictions. We provided continuous updates and adapted to the client’s needs to deliver the best possible solution or alternative at even the most difficult cases.

The team worked overtime, night and day, to look for alternatives via any possible airline or charter, even cooperating with port agents and offering air and land transfer solutions via alternative airports where possible.

In a few days, the team managed to rebook approximately 70 passengers to such isolated destinations, for this client alone. At the same time, our 24/7 was alerted to monitor if the new flights were departing as scheduled so that we can offer a last-minute alternative wherever possible. In some cases, the team even went one step further and rebooked all the travellers that had not yet been cancelled as there were serious concerns that more flights would be cancelled last minute creating chaos.

What does the client say?

“Through tough times for travel and the industry, ATPI provided us with stress-free crew travel solutions for all our travellers”

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