Supporting duty of care: ATPI’s collaboration with International SOS


International SOS


Health and Security

Zara Higgins

General Manager, Scotland


Who are International SOS?

International SOS are a health and security services firm that receives around 4 million assistance calls globally every year. With 12,000 health, security and logistics experts standing by to provide support and assistance, the team cover 1,000 locations in 90 countries, 365 days per year.

How does International SOS support ATPI?

Our customers often require strong duty of care. Post COVID there is a growing requirement to be able to reach travellers and ensure that they are returned safely during a crisis. For many this is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ but a necessity for travel buyers across the world.

International SOS have assisted multiple ATPI customers around the globe.

Here are a few examples of how International SOS has provided support for a range of ATPI clients:

Domestic Trip Assistance

The Challenge

A domestic business traveller was diagnosed with COVID-19 and fell ill whilst returning home to Kent from Aberdeen, Scotland. Just before he was due to drive home, he collapsed in the car park of the hotel and was unable to drive. Due to his illness, the hotel that he stayed at the night before would not accommodate him due to the fear of infection. The client was very concerned as he was alone and had no one locally to support him.

The Solution

International SOS immediately provided an interim solution, providing the traveller with a hotel who would accept him despite his diagnosis and organised a taxi transfer to the new hotel. The team kept in contact with the traveller, ensuring that his meals were delivered straight to his room so that he could fully isolate from other guests.

His condition was monitored throughout the stay and a medical transfer was provided to get him safely back to Kent.

Timely Information on Saudi Arabia

The Challenge

In February 2021, the political situation between the US and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was uncertain. One of our longest standing clients regularly conducts travel of American personnel within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the ATPI team needed information and direction from specialists within International SOS to help inform the service that they were providing for the client.

The Solution

Collaboration between both ATPI and International SOS was required in order to deliver timely information to the client. Following the request for information, our International SOS contacts provided a full report on the situation within a matter of hours. This enabled the ATPI Team to deliver the most informed service possible at that time.

Supporting Travellers in China

The Challenge

Travelling throughout the pandemic remained essential for a number of key workers across the globe. However, if a key worker was to fall ill during this time, it becomes a delicate process to ensure their safety.

One of ATPI’s clients had a worker that unfortunately fell ill in this time, and ATPI needed advice whilst the employer needed to be updated on the employee’s wellbeing.

The Solution

International SOS were able to provide essential assistance and support to the employee management team. Emotional support and medicine delivery were facilitated at the hotel in China, giving an important solution to this complex case. The employee’s health returned to normal and managed to resume her role once back on her feet.

What does ATPI think?

Most businesses requiring their employees to travel on business have something in place to meet their Duty of Care obligations, whether its ATPI Traveller Tracking, including communication directly with the traveller, possibly combined with services from your Insurance provider for the medical side of things. Working in partnership with International SOS enables ATPI to deliver a wider range of solutions to those making the decisions on their Duty of Care, to support the travelling workforce from the planning stage until they return.

No matter where your gaps are or what you need, ATPI and International SOS can discuss your requirements with you, whether you need help with a gap analysis or just want to talk things through.

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