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ATPI Marine Travel’s 2023 year in review

We consider ourselves fortunate at ATPI Marine Travel, collaborating with an incredibly diverse group of companies and individuals across the entire maritime spectrum. Our global team ensures the safe travel of everyone, from cruise ship catering staff and entertainers to super tanker skippers and crew, facilitating their journeys to and from work.
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Reviewing the events of 2023 reveals the dynamic nature of crew travel, requiring constant adaptation. This year, the industry has witnessed significant changes, with an increased demand for value-added services that optimise workflows, enhance service to seafarers, and still save costs.


To address the evolving market needs, we have diligently developed new, simplified services that enable our clients to leverage the knowledge, expertise, and support of the ATPI Marine Travel team. A notable addition in 2023 was the introduction of our data Analytics 2.0 platform. This web-based tool is designed to transform travel data into actionable insights, improving booking patterns, reducing crew change air ticket costs, and providing greater control over travel budgets. ATPI Analytics 2.0 is the initial step in our transformative approach to Crew Change Logistics, with further expansion planned in 2024.


Our team has actively participated in conferences and events, educating the maritime industry on optimising various aspects of crew travel operations. Notable engagements include our Head of Cruise Logistics, Calypso Diareme, participating in a panel discussion titled ‘Net Zero or Net Hero’ at Seatrade Cruise Global in Fort Lauderdale and exploring decarbonisation topics at the Posidonia Shipping Forum. In September, our joint sponsorship with Qatar Airways marked our presence at London International Shipping Week, and in November, we were back on stage at Seatrade Crew Connect. These events provided valuable platforms to discuss significant topics such as achieving cost savings in crew rotations for cruise ships and addressing crew supply and deployment issues.

Other key events include the ATPI Marine Travel Marine Summit in October, setting our direction for the coming years, and our role as the Travel Sponsor of the ISWAN 2023 Seminar in Helsinki, addressing maritime recruitment crises and seafarer well-being.


Recognising the critical role of seafarers in global trade, we were pleased to announce our partnership with the International Seafarers’ Welfare & Assistance Network (ISWAN) in March. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to seafarer well-being and aims to make a positive impact in their lives worldwide.

We also strengthened our partnership with the Business College Athens (BCA) in 2023 through the sponsorship of the ‘ATPI Crew Logistics Lab,’ a new classroom under its department of Postgraduate Studies in Shipping, Transport, and Logistics. This initiative aims to emphasise the vital role of people in crew travel and inspire the next generation of shipping professionals.


Looking ahead to 2024, we anticipate further changes in marine travel, with new challenges emerging. We plan to accelerate industry transformation, introducing a potentially game-changing Crew Change Logistics solutions portfolio that will streamline, optimise, and improve all aspects of seafarer travel. Stay tuned for more updates in the new year. For now, we extend our best wishes to all our clients, partners, seafarers, and the ATPI team. See you in 2024!

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