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Successful 3rd marine summit points to an exciting 2024 in crew travel

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ATPI Marine Travel team members from across our global network took part in the 3rd ATPI Marine Summit in Athens on the 11-12 October 2023, where the spotlight was on ensuring that we continue to meet the changing needs of crew travel in the maritime industry and that our services always deliver the value our customers demand.

The forward-looking agenda laid the foundation for an exciting year of new developments in 2024 but we reserved some time to hear about the crew travel challenges and experiences from some of our customers. Capt. Michalis Malliaros, General Manager of our hosts for the event Euronav Ship Management (Hellas) Ltd and David-George Tidmarsh, the MD of Seachefs Cruises both provided informative and engaging presentations on various aspects of their crew travel operations and work with ATPI Marine Travel. 

We also heard from our industry partners Qatar airlines, Amadeus and TripStax who provided presentations on some exciting new products and services for the marine travel sector too. 

Starting in 2017 and with a break during Covid, this was the 3rd ATPI Marine Summit, and it turned out to be the best so far thanks to the energy of our participants, our guest speakers and an agenda that served as a launchpad for new and innovative services being introduced next year.

Nikos Gazelidis, ATPI Marine Travel’s Chief Commercial Officer and Managing Director said in closing: “The Summit had an incredibly positive atmosphere and it served as a re-alignment of our common vision and a re-engagement of our great international team. I would like to say thank you to the ATPI organisers and those that attended, as well as our guest speakers of course, whose varied presentations provided great information to help us optimise the value we provide to the shipping community.” 

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