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Business College Athens and ATPI Marine Travel start collaboration with official opening of new classroom

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The official opening of the new ATPI Crew Logistics Lab took place on December 6th at the Business College Athens (BCA), one of the leading maritime centres of education in Greece. The new classroom is under the BCA’s Department of Postgraduate Studies in Shipping, Transport and Logistics, and will be used by students taking the ‘BA in Shipping’ and ‘MSc in Shipping Business’ courses.

BCA was the first college in Greece to offer Shipping studies and has over the past 50 years established strong relationships with the community: approximately 8000 BCA graduates have a career in shipping companies all over the world. The BCA curriculum is continuously enriched due to its close ties with the industry and the new collaboration with ATPI Marine Travel characterises the college’s commitment to continuous improvement.  

The opening of the bright, modern new classroom is the first phase in the collaboration between BCA and ATPI Marine Travel. Their shared vision involves a deeper collaboration, to undertake joint research initiatives that will yield valuable academic insights into shipping’s crewing and manning challenges. The research is expected to support ATPI Marine Travel’s service development and advancement of the shipping industry itself. 

“The ATPI Crew Logistics Lab is a fantastic new facility for our students, and we are looking forward to the future academic aspects of our collaboration together,” said Capt. Marios Bougioukas, Director of Supply Chain & Logistics, Business College Athens. “The human aspect of shipping is just as important as the economic, logistical and technical side of the business, and we are confident that our collaboration with ATPI Marine Travel will contribute to this understanding as our students start or expand their careers in this exciting and rewarding industry.” 

BCA’s shipping courses are designed to cater to a diverse audience, including both recent graduates and experienced professionals within the shipping industry. While the established syllabus won’t be modified through the collaboration between BCA and Marine Travel, the pair are keen to place the spotlight on crew rotation optimisation and seafarer wellbeing. As part of this, ATPI Marine Travel will visit the Crew Logistics Lab to discuss the latest issues and challenges in crew travel with BA and MSc students at least twice a year.  

“Our goal is to highlight the vital role of people in this sector, as they are the driving force behind every successful crew change operation”, said Calypso Diareme, Commercial Manager Greece & Cyprus, ATPI Marine Travel. “This partnership reflects ATPI’s dedication to shaping the future of shipping by nurturing the enthusiasm of the next generation. We firmly believe that the new generation’s passion for the shipping sector is vital, and through this collaboration, we aim to inspire and empower them to be the driving force behind its continued success.” 

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