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ATPI Analytics

Are you getting the most out of your data?

The new and improved bespoke data reporting dashboard. ATPI Analytics enables your organisation to access highly visual travel data at the touch of a button.

Travel technology tailored to your business

The growing demand for additional reporting components, such as sustainability and wellbeing metrics, has underscored the necessity for new data streams. ATPI Analytics responds to this imperative by providing an upgraded, dynamic platform. This innovative solution not only facilitates real-time reporting but also incorporates advanced behavioral monitoring through insightful AI data. ATPI’s comprehensive and bespoke reporting tool empowers your organization with highly visual data access, allowing you to delve into granular levels of information as needed. This transformative capability ensures that your travel intelligence is not only accessible but also instantly available at your fingertips, enhancing decision-making processes.


Interactive Power BI Integration

Interactive power BI integration

Seamlessly transfer data to your Power BI environment for a personalised analysis experience.

Holistic Carbon Reporting

Holistic carbon reporting

Gain insights into your carbon footprint and offset progress with an intuitive ATPI Halo offset dashboard.

Effortless Natural Language Queries

Effortless natural language queries

Generate reports by simply typing your queries, making data retrieval and analysis a breeze.

Instant Actionable Insights

Instant actionable insights

Let the tool decipher data complexities and present you with actionable insights without manual analysis.

Visual Compliance Tracking

Visual compliance tracking

Monitor KPI compliance at a glance using health gauges, ensuring performance aligns with goals.

Traveller Wellbeing Insights

Traveller wellbeing insights

Identify frequent travellers and ensure their well-being while optimising travel patterns.

Online/Offline Adoption Analysis

Online/offline adoption analysis

Uncover strategies to boost online adoption by analysing dashboard trends and opportunities.

Future-Focused Predictive Analytics

Future-focused predictive analytics

Harness predictive analytics to pinpoint behaviour changes and future savings potential.

Proactive Future Travel Planning

Proactive future travel planning

Seamlessly integrate future travel bookings to identify opportunities and take pre-emptive actions.

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