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Transparency, a step in the right direction

The year ahead brings a renewed focus on ESG transparency from companies, particularly with regards to their travel.
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With the introduction of directives and legislation, businesses must showcase their commitment to sustainable practices. This article delves into actionable steps companies can consider to be more transparent about their efforts.

Quality over quantity: Prioritising meaningful sustainability goals

In the pursuit of sustainability, it can be easy to fall into the trap of greenwashing. To avoid this, focus on qualitative, measurable actions that align with your industry and corporate values, as opposed to implementing a plethora of initiatives with limited impact.

This will involve conducting a thorough assessment of the organisation’s environmental impact through travel and events, understanding where improvements can be made, and setting realistic, achievable objectives. By focusing on meaningful and measurable sustainability goals, companies can make a genuine contribution to a more environmentally conscious future.

Supply network ensuring legitimate sustainable practices

The supply network is a significant contributor to a company’s overall carbon footprint. To ensure legitimate and impactful sustainable practices, companies should collaborate with certified partners and agencies. Your supply network should be aligned with your sustainable outcomes and adhere to the same standards. This includes transparency in reporting their sustainable efforts and practices. By carefully selecting partners committed to environmental responsibility, companies contribute to a broader network of businesses working together for a sustainable future. Transparent supply chains not only mitigate environmental risks but also foster trust among stakeholders, showcasing a commitment to responsible business practices.

People: Employee well-being and transparent communication

Be careful not to neglect the social aspect of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations. It is essential to prioritise transparent communication with employees, ensuring they are aware of the company’s sustainability efforts and progress. Furthermore, the well-being of employees, especially travellers, should be a central focus. Transparent communication and proactive measures to ensure traveller well-being (such as avoiding red-eye flights) not only align with the social responsibility aspect of ESG but also contribute to a positive company culture. Engaged and healthy employees are more productive, enhancing the overall sustainability of the organisation.

Streamlining sustainable travel management

Partnering with a Travel Management Company (TMC) is a strategic move that can significantly amplify a company’s sustainability efforts. TMCs, like ATPI, possess specialised knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of sustainable travel management. They can assist in developing and implementing effective sustainable travel strategies, optimising travel itineraries to reduce environmental impact, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

By leveraging the expertise of a TMC, companies can streamline their efforts, benefiting from:

  • Data-driven Insights: TMCs can offer detailed analytics on travel and events-related emissions, helping companies understand their impact and identify areas for improvement.
  • Expert Guidance: TMCs, with their industry-specialist knowledge, can provide tailored advice on sustainable travel practices, ensuring that initiatives align with the unique needs of the travel management sector.
  • Cost-effective Solutions: An expert TMC can support businesses to balance commitments to both cost-efficiency and environmentally conscious travel, contributing to both sustainability and financial goals.
  • Risk Mitigation: TMCs can help companies navigate potential risks associated with sustainability efforts, ensuring compliance with changing directives and legislation.
  • Traveller Well-being: TMCs play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of travellers by incorporating sustainable and mindful travel practices, addressing the growing importance of traveller health and satisfaction.

ATPI Halo is a mature and award-winning environmental sustainability solution. Now a trusted partner for numerous clients seeking comprehensive solutions for their travel related sustainability plans. ATPI Halo works with best in market partners and only fully certified and verified reduction and removal projects to simplify the complex landscape of measuring, reducing and compensating for Scope 3 travel and events-related emissions, allowing clients to concentrate on their core business.

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