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How ATPI Employees are driving change from within this World Earth Day

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As World Earth Day approaches on April 22nd, the spotlight is on the critical need to take further steps to protect our planet.

What is World Earth Day

World Earth Day is an annual celebration that brings people together to honour our planet whilst raising awareness for the vital need to protect the earth. Its roots trace back to 1970 in the United States, when it gained global recognition, particularly highlighted by the symbolic signing of the Paris Climate Accord in 2016.

What World Earth Day means to ATPI

At ATPI, we firmly believe that safeguarding our planet begins with grassroots efforts. While large-scale gestures/initiatives are important, we understand that lasting change stems from daily habits. Our ethos is to embed environmental sustainability into the core of our business, spearheaded by our people.

By empowering our team with the knowledge and resources to make eco-conscious decisions, we strive to cultivate a culture where environmental responsibility is not just a priority but a way of life, driving meaningful change.

In line with this, we’re excited to announce an internal competition aimed at encouraging employees to incorporate sustainable initiatives into their daily routines.

Empowering Employees for Change

We launched our World Earth Day competition to empower our employees to take ownership of sustainable initiatives. From reducing single-use plastics to adopting energy-saving habits, every small action contributes to our larger sustainability goals.

Leading by Example

Through this competition, we’re highlighting the amazing ways in which our staff are incorporating sustainable practices into their professional and personal lives. By sharing their experiences and success stories, employees inspire and motivate their colleagues to join the sustainability journey. We’re proud to showcase how our diverse workforce is making a difference, one eco-friendly choice at a time:

  • The office in Germany have set up a community bookshelf with a ‘bring one, take one’ policy. This lets colleagues exchange books, reducing waste and giving stories a new life.
  • In the India office, a member of our digital services team repurposes her mother’s vibrant sarees into ‘trending fashion pieces’. What a brilliant way to honour tradition while embracing modern fashion with an eco-friendly twist.
  • Our South Africa team collect bottle tops and sell them for recycling. The money generated is all donated to a local charity, helping people in need get access to wheelchairs. Two for the price of one.
  • One creative member of our London team has turned her balcony in central London into a mini allotment, growing a wide range of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Not only benefitting herself, but also the local insects and bees.
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As we reflect on the significance of Earth Day, we also celebrate our commitment to embedding environmental responsibility into ATPI. Our ongoing internal competition stands as a testament to this dedication. From innovative book exchanges in Germany to transforming traditional attire into modern fashion statements in India, our diverse workforce is leading by example. Through collective effort and individual ingenuity, we’re demonstrating that small actions can yield significant impact.

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