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Shaping smiles in Malawi – ATPI and the Sparkle Foundation

In a heartwarming and longstanding partnership, the ATPI Dubai office and The Sparkle Foundation have joined hands once again to make a substantial difference in the lives of Malawi’s children, leading the way to a more sustainable future for ATPI.
The Sparkle Foundation

ATPI Dubai has sponsored a minibus to transform the lives of the children in Malawi by providing them with safer and more accessible transportation. A heartwarming statement made by Mwayi Mpinganjira (The Sparkle Foundation Country Director) examined the real impact this sponsorship has made – “The children were so overwhelmed with happiness that they kissed the mini-bus!”. Teachers, who prior to the sponsorship endured a daily hour-and-a-half trek, now have direct transport to and from their homes, allowing them to educate at the highest level, creating a ripple effect that will benefit the whole community.

Johanne Presch (ATPI Events and Implementation Manager (UAE)), has been a driving force behind the engagement with The Sparkle Foundation and this recent sponsorship: “ATPI has always been committed to giving back, and the work that the Dubai office has done with Sparkle resonates deeply with our core ethos”. Johanne continued to emphasise that the partnership has gone beyond numbers and figures. It has contributed to an inclusive and valued culture at ATPI Dubai, as reflected in their impressive ‘Where I Belong’ score which was 91/100 – one of the highest scores a company has ever received. In ATPI’s journey towards sustainability, the Dubai office are leading the way, ensuring their employees are at the heart of their operations.

ATPI Dubai and The Sparkle Foundation’s shared commitment to making a difference has solidified their partnership over the past year. During this time, they have achieved several significant milestones:

  1. Sparkle Ambassadors: The Dubai office has five dedicated Sparkle ambassadors who actively engage with Sparkle’s initiatives, raising awareness and making a profound impact on the children and families in Malawi.
  2. Sparkle Gala Dinner: Both ATPI’s staff and clients attended the Sparkle Gala Dinner, further raising awareness about the incredible work we support and the tangible difference it makes.
  3. Volunteering in Malawi: Two ATPI ambassadors visited Malawi, volunteering for a week following Cyclone Freddie. They played a pivotal role in rebuilding the centre and offering much-needed assistance to get everything up and running again.
  4. Fundraising Initiatives: ATPI Dubai have promoted and raised funds through events like the IADC golf events, collecting over 36,000 AED.
  5. Sparkle Steps Campaign: The ATPI Dubai office completed a Sparkle Steps (Walk to Malawi) campaign and organised an afternoon tea bake sale to raise funds for Sparkle.
  6. Goodsted Partnership: ATPI promote all volunteering opportunities via Goodsted and are exploring the possibility of offering Sparkle its own Eco space, offering a global platform for engagement and promotion.
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ATPI’s ongoing partnership with The Sparkle Foundation is a testament to the incredible change that can be achieved when like-minded organisations come together with a shared vision.

We look forward to seeing many more years of collaboration and impact as we continue to empower and uplift the children and families of Malawi. 

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