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ATPI Halo: One year on

It has been a busy year since the launch of ATPI Halo at the Business Travel Show 2021. ATPI Halo continues to take great steps forward in helping clients to mould more sustainable travel programmes and reach their net zero goals.

Looking back to where it all started, we took inspiration from client conversations and focus groups. Particularly those sector clients who had continued to travel during the pandemic such as the Marine, Energy and Mining industries. For many of our client’s travel is an unavoidable part of their operation. As the rest of our sector clients cautiously ventured back to travel, it was our responsibility as a leading Travel Management Company to help change how the corporate travel sector viewed sustainable travel and we set about developing a programme that would educate and demonstrate how travel and sustainability really could work hand in hand… ATPI Halo.

ATPI Halo in a nutshell

ATPI Halo supports clients in achieving their wider carbon neutral and net zero targets by enabling them to Measure, Reduce and Offset their travel-related CO2 emissions.

Building on the premise that ‘you cannot reduce what you do not measure,’ ATPI has partnered with Thrust Carbon, a global leader in science-based travel emissions measurement. Their calculations feed our reporting, and clients have welcomed the fact that they can rely on accurate and credible CO2 measurement through ATPI. With emissions calculations fast evolving, it was key to ATPI Halo to have a robust methodology that is flexible and cutting edge as the science evolves.

The product delivers end-to-end support for clients in managing their travel-related scope 3 emissions, entrusts ATPI with this often-complex part of their environmental sustainability programme and enables them to concentrate their effort and resources on other key areas of their Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) programmes.

ATPI Halo Highlights
ATPI Halo in action

Engaging with our clients globally has been a huge highlight. Seeing how ATPI Halo can help them develop more sustainable travel programmes, whilst removing the headache of managing this process themselves is encouraging, whether their focus is measurement and reduction only, or includes carbon offsetting. Choosing carbon offset providers and projects can be challenging, and we are fortunate to have found trusted partners. Our clients range from those in their infancy to others with more mature programmes for environmental sustainability as part of a wider ESG strategy.


We have sourced eleven verified and certified, high-quality carbon offset projects, and are constantly engaging with project providers for a variety of other initiatives. Learning about these, largely nature-based projects and how they are benefitting from our work has been amazing and inspirational, but we need to do more!

We have had the privilege to be invited to present ATPI Halo and partake in panel discussions at a variety of industry events where sustainability has been the focus. Including; ITM Accelerate, the Business Travel Show 2022, the Commonwealth Games Business Forum, Global Underwater Hub in Aberdeen, and the Shipping & Sustainability Forum, in Hamburg.

A recent collaboration with our US corporate partner Direct Travel, saw Direct ATPI Halo, launch successfully at the GBTA in Denver. Early reports show the appetite for this is considerable and we have high ambitions for Direct ATPI Halo stateside.

The future of ATPI Halo

Ours is a global clientele, that cuts across many business sectors and regions. We are confident that we will see more clients reaching to ATPI Halo to support their environmental sustainability strategies to achieve net zero by 2050, with interim goals on the way.

CO2 calculations and methods of reporting will continue to evolve, and we believe that average CO2 will be as important as average fare to many clients. Where price is still a determining factor in decision-making, CO2 will gain importance for many.

I’m excited by what I’ve seen in a year. I’m confident that ATPI Halo will continue to challenge and educate our industry and clients. Expanding in terms of the offer, client base and geography. Our appetite is significant, we want to continue and grow as thought leaders and solution providers in the sustainable travel industry for many years to come.

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