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Yachting is back – what we learnt at the Monaco Yacht Show 2022

Unquestionably one of the industry's pillars is the Monaco Yacht Show. It's the most coveted event on the superyacht calendar for a reason: the line-up of superyachts on display each year is incredible, and the docks are teeming with the world's elite for a four-day event that showcases the pinnacle of luxury goods and provides a platform for conversations to develop and grow the industry.

The Monaco Yacht Show has captured the evolution of this industry, as not only have the yachts grown in stature but so has the industry as a whole. In more recent years, the event has committed itself to thought leadership, where industry experts could share and learn about trends and innovations in the superyacht industry.

After many discussions with captains and yacht management companies, it seems they are now working against a budget. Evidently, this presented the need to report on travel so they can predict their travel spend for the upcoming crew rotations. Booking outside of a TMC has not given full visibility of this which is causing additional work.

ATPI Analytics offers dynamic, predictive insights into the performance of your crew travel programme. This enables the identification of ways to change behaviour and inevitably generate savings.

Furthermore, Looking back on this year’s event, the show championed sustainability. A dedicated hub was organised and set up to be informative and inspiring. It is clear the industry remains committed to the preservation of the seas.

ATPI Halo is an innovative approach to support clients in creating a more sustainable crew travel programme. Where travel is an unavoidable part of a yacht’s operation, ATPI Halo helps to MEASURE, REDUCE and OFFSET these emissions through accurate and highly visual reporting, consulting with account managers who understand your business and its complexities, and finally offsetting what cannot be reduced against verified and certified carbon offset schemes.

Another major topic of discussion was the well-being of the crew. Trust in a TMC and dependability are more important than ever in terms of crew and their well-being. ATPI Yacht Logistics facilitate this with our extensive duty of care programme. With round-the-clock support, our multiple global servicing locations mean that any problem will have a solution no matter what time of day or country the request comes from.

With the show now over and we look to the rest of the event calendar upon us, we look to our main takeaway: Yachting is back. And if you’d like to have a conversation about how ATPI Yacht Travel can relieve any stress by offering a seamless travel solution, get in touch with the team today.

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