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Yacht crew change travel booking: One size does not fit all

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ATPI Yacht Travel close cooperation with yacht captains, chief officers and pursers gives us a unique insight into what works best and has resulted in the introduction of an innovative direct booking tool alongside the usual 24/7 support we are known for.

Supporting yacht crew travel needs

By offering marine fares and personalized travel arrangements, we ensure journeys are smooth and efficient. Our team works around the clock to support yacht crews, providing expert advice and immediate assistance, which is crucial in an industry where schedules can change rapidly.

Reliability is vital and the feedback we receive from captains – which often comes from the crew members themselves – helps us continuously improve and adapt our services to meet their evolving needs.

A Seamless experience for captains and pursers

There is often time-consuming back-and-forth communication with the travel agent when booking flights or hotels for crew members. However, using our self-service online booking tool allows all necessary travel options to be booked directly by captains, chief officers and pursers.

The tool integrates marine-specific content, showing both marine and published fares. It provides all available options, including fare restrictions, refund policies, and penalties, enabling informed decisions to be made swiftly. It also enables e.g., hotels or car rental to be booked easily.

Empowering yacht crews with control and convenience

One of the standout features is the convenience offered for busy professionals. Captains and pursers can manage bookings independently 24/7, reducing the time spent interacting with travel agents considerably, for instance.

All bookings are reviewed by ATPI’s dedicated team, ensuring quality control, and addressing any potential issues before finalization. This hybrid service blends technology and personalized support, setting ATPI apart from other providers.

Building trust and relationships

Many yacht management teams are saving time this way. The captain of a 74-meter Superyacht told us: “Great tool, very user friendly from booking flights to adding new crew members with ease. Definitely makes my life easier.”

A captain of a 54-metre superyacht said, “your team has been taking good care of us and responses have been exceptional,” while the captain of an 84-metre superyacht reported, “we are very happy with the service you and your team offer us.”

To find out more about ATPI’s work in yacht crew travel, explore our Yacht Travel expertise.

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