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Ringing sustainable changes: ATPI Halo launches to make navigating the future of travel easier

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Global travel management and events specialist, the ATPI Group, is adding a new ATPI Halo division to its expanding portfolio. ATPI Halo reflects the organisation’s ongoing investment in sustainability, technological innovation, and future workforces. In celebration of the launch of ATPI Halo, the business is working towards achieving carbon-neutral status with a clear plan for 2021 and beyond.

Launching today (30 September 2021), ATPI Halo is an incubator of new ideas and services focused on sustainability designed to support each of the existing client-focused business units around the world to grow and evolve. Clients of ATPI Corporate Travel, Direct ATPI Global Travel, ATPI Marine & Energy, ATPI Sports Events, ATPI Corporate Events and ATPI Mining & Resources will all benefit from the new services, research and development from ATPI Halo to ensure that approaches to business travel change for the better.

Ian Sinderson, ATPI Group CEO, said:

ATPI has a long history of being one step ahead and defining new ways of working. Our business has grown throughout the last 100+ years thanks to a culture of always improving, thinking ahead and investing in new ventures. Our efforts are rooted in delivering exceptional client service for the long term. That means we need to always be open to change and to support our clients with the right tools to embrace future norms.

There has never been such an intense period of disruption and with the establishment of ATPI Halo we are demonstrating to our clients that we are the right long-term partner to navigate these unpredictable times.”

ATPI Halo’s sustainability expertise brings robust consultancy to the managed travel sector, ensuring businesses make meaningful in-roads towards the goals set out by worldwide governments to become net zero by 2050. ATPI Halo’s team provides counsel and recommendations, including on how to reduce a travel programme – a first for a travel management company (TMC) – together with carbon neutrality consultancy services backed by accredited partners including Respira and the Climate Neutral Group (CNG). Other partners are also being sought to ensure a complete range of services can be made available to clients.

In particular, ATPI Halo supports clients to reduce their impact on the environment across travel and events. New services on offer include a bespoke and accredited carbon offsetting programme, ensuring that schemes are relevant to a client’s core business. ATPI Halo’s sustainability team has sourced over fifteen esteemed carbon credit projects in the core markets where the business operates, and where there is also a direct community benefit.

To lead the charge on sustainability, and as part of ATPI’s ongoing investment in this area, the company is currently building a sustainability team, new to the organisation, as part of its ATPI Net Zero campaign across the Group. The team will be drawn from every region within ATPI to ensure a consistent approach to the environment, social objectives and governance across every office.

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