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22 Questions to add to your corporate travel RFP in order to achieve cost reduction

Here’s a selection of questions to consider including in your next corporate travel RFP if achieving significant savings is a priority.

Travel spend reduction sits highly on most organisations' agendas when tendering for a new travel management service, but working out how to achieve significant results in this area can feel like trying to unravel an enigma wrapped in a riddle. Particularly at a time when there is, understandably, so much focus on duty of care and safety when travelling.

However, there’s no denying that cost reduction will remain important as corporates begin to navigate a dramatically different business landscape, particularly for organisations in sectors heavily impacted by an unstable economy. Fortunately, an RFP can provide your organisation with the perfect chance to clarify how potential travel suppliers will deliver cost-savings and compliance improvements.

Discover the questions to add to your next corporate travel RFP in order to achieve cost reductions:

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