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4 Apps to improve your travellers’ experience

This is for you if you're a travel manager or traveller looking to make corporate travel trips a little easier

What constitutes as a ‘good trip’ varies from traveller to traveller. 

Some corporate travellers enjoy an efficient trip that gets them home quickly, whereas others feel short-changed if they don’t get to soak in at least a few drops of the local culture. One traveller might see the time that they thought they’d ordered a salad, but were presented with a rabbit head stew, as an amusing anecdote - whereas another might feel unsettled and homesick. 

Although it’s an employer’s obligation to ensure that their corporate travellers have a safe trip, an increasing number of organisations are pushing for more and doing all they can to provide employees with an enjoyable experience when away for business - and for good reason, as great traveller experience is continually linked with higher levels of engagement and job satisfaction. 

Feelings of disorientation, disruption and general culture shock are some of the biggest barriers to corporate travellers enjoying their trip and so any steps that an organisation takes to help their employees overcome these feelings can make very tangible improvements to traveller experience. 

Here’s a curated collection of apps that were created with business travellers in mind – why not suggest one, a few or all of them to your own corporate travellers?


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