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Sponsorship strategy to activation in five steps

"I would completely recommend the 5-step methodology offered by ATPI Sports Events and the cooperation we received while working on the Volvo Ocean Race. We were very happy with the results and were impressed by ATPI's experience and eye for detail" - Cristina Fernandez Rue, Marketing, Vestas

As an experienced business service provider with a rich history in travel, event logistics and corporate hospitality, it is our motivation to unravel complex sponsorship activation processes and to translate our client’s sponsorship strategy into a concrete live activation plan.to activation.

This leads to programmes in which each target group receives the attention it deserves, with a good balance between the business message and local experience, ensuring the maximum result from the investment.

With nearly three decades of experience, ATPI Sports Events has been an official partner of The Ocean Race, the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, the Rugby World Cup and managed travel and hospitality programs around various football, motorsports and sailing

In addition, we are the travel and events specialist for International and National Sports Federations, sporting bodies and organising committees. That accumulation of experience is how we acquired a deep understanding of the demands that are specific to the world of sports.

Together with your team, we will design a detailed plan, based on your teams needs. We will create a multi-disciplinary team and work together as one team on the translation of the strategic goals to tactical and hands-on plans per segment. We deliver sustainable event services and responsible guest experiences! We have our own methodology which has evolved over the years, and that’s the ATPI’s 5-step method:

Step 1: Investigate

Our added value in this phase is in testing and translating the sponsorship strategy into “live” activations.  This involves:

  • Feasibility analysis of goals set on the basis of budget and planning
  • Stakeholder involvement; determining the primary stakeholders and checking whether they are connected
  • Liaise with organiser, committee and/or rights holder of the event
  • Content requirements & options; what experience do you want to offer guests?
  • Logistics; dominant role in large-scale events
  • Destination expert for an unforgettable guest experience
  • Venue & accommodation sourcing
  • Search and screen local suppliers

Step 2: Create

When your goals have been mapped out, the creative phase begins. Here, all information is brought together to develop a creative concept:

  • Program design; based on the core values of your organisation, brand strategy, objectives and the analysis of the destination, we create a programme that gives an impression of what a guest will experience
  • Guest experience; translating the total guest experience pre, on & post event (e.g. invitation, registration, onsite communication and evaluation)

Step 3: Convert

Once the concept of the programme has been tuned and approved, the translation into hospitality programmes for each target group will take place:

  • Defining hospitality packages
  • Go-to-market plan
  • Enthuse target groups and stakeholders
  • Local suppliers; briefing and contracting

Step 4: Manage

Operational excellence: onsite event management, logistics, ticketing and social programmes.

  • Team structure & communication: fixed ATPI contact person pre, on & post event
  • Scenario & briefings
  • Emergency plan
  • Crew & hostesses
  • COVID-19 management
  • Duty of Care protocol

Step 5: Evaluate and learn

Sponsorship often involves repeating events. Duration varies per season, during the event or per year. Think of the various stops of the Volvo Ocean Race or Formula 1 races.

In these cases it pays off to invest in evaluation, data analysis and guest experience to optimise sponsorship activation.

  • Data analysis
  • Evaluation with client
  • Test guest experience

“I know I can fully rely on ATPI Sports Events to deliver. They have earned my trust on many occasions” – Manager Global Marketing, Brunel

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