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Future of events

There is little doubt that the pandemic hit the business pause button. But that enforced breathing space did have a silver lining which is now shining a bright light as corporate events returns to full speed.

The corporate event industry has bounced back and is now on the verge of surpassing pre-Covid levels. With the corporate world having been awoken to the comfort zone of virtual meeting technology, it’s now an even more crucial task to lure event attendees away from their laptops. There are now huge incentives and unique experiences required to bring business people out of their homes and onto planes.

But, curiously, there is also a keen desire for people to feel the real experience of events again. Research has revealed that planners can expect attendees to rise considerably if the event has all the correct essence. Face-to-face gatherings suddenly have more meaning and appreciation. Some have even remarked that there is a “pent-up demand” for event experiences after the global lockdowns.

There have always been many factors that need to be considered when organising events, but the pandemic raised awareness for a few key things. For example, WELLNESS, DUTY OF CARE, GUEST MANAGEMENT, SUSTAINABILITY and INFORMALITY.


Wellness isn’t just about spas and luxury anymore. It’s becoming much more inclusive and accessible.

Following Covid-19, as more people adopt health as a priority at home, they expect to continue those practices when they travel. This also means that successful events can be centered around nature. It gives the attendees a chance to unwind, enjoy the experience, reconnect and do business in a relaxed and pleasant fashion. Naturally the fears of Covid-19 haven’t completely departed and now with the added issues of global conflicts.


The COVID-19 outbreak has certainly highlighted the importance of having a strong duty of care programme in place. Risk control is a significant concern, particularly for business travel groups. Before reserving space, businesses carefully consider liabilities and examine the fine print of contracts, reduction policies, and unforeseen rules.

Despite considerable demand, it takes more work than it did before to the pandemic to convince entrepreneurs to attend a live event. As a result, future multi-tier meetings and events, where participants from different locations can choose their level of engagement, are projected to increase. These multi-tiers will comprise a range of degrees of participation that include hybrid, virtual, and in-person.

ATPI’s Duty of Care is designed to keep your travellers safe and secure before, during, and after each trip or event. ATPI places safety at the forefront of your travel and event plans, allowing you to be proactive in fulfilling your duty of care obligations.


When organising multiple events per year it takes a lot of time to collect all data. Ticket distribution among employees, clients or sister companies require a clear overview. Nowadays, more than ever before, it is important that guest data is handled with care and is GDPR-proof. Not only does this maintain an overview, but also complies with COVID-19 regulations and the duty of care obligations that you have as an event organiser.

In the world of events, technology simply exists to improve the experience of your guests. We understand the science behind enhancing our customers’ and their guests’ practical goals. ATPI has a diverse and ever-changing portfolio of proprietary and third-party technology solutions that have been specifically tailored to meet the needs of our diverse client base.


Transitioning back into a world where we are free to plan events and travel as we please, we must take into account the environmental impact. Solutions need to be created so that not only are the events promoting sustainability and the attendees … but also the materials used to build these environments are also sustainable. We recently sat down with our ATPI Halo Product Director, Pippa Ganderton, to discuss sustainability in events. Discover an events approach where sustainability is automatically embedded into all stages here.


Giving attendees a choice between virtual or live events will be the norm going forward.

The virtual world offers much more scope for interactivity and has opened events to a larger audience. For instance, an event that would normally have 1,000 on-site attendees may only have 500 – but another 5,000 can attend virtually. There’s no doubt the pandemic changed the world.

The lessons learned during the pandemic have accelerated the transformation of the industry, and that evolution will continue.

ATPI’s Event Solutions

ATPI Events enjoys an enviable reputation for providing tailor-made event solutions companies can rely on. From the smallest group incentive to the largest multinational conference, we have the skill, expertise, imagination and destination knowledge to deliver a truly memorable, unique and exciting event. We excel at managing complex logistics processes, 24/7 accessibility and the will to always deliver the best suitable solutions.

Our professional and dedicated team will ensure to make your project stand out and memorable!

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