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Thrust Carbon announces Thrust Events

A groundbreaking technology platform is launched that empowers event management agencies to reduce the carbon footprint of their events in an affordable and efficient manner

ATPI is thrilled that Thrust Carbon introduced Thrust Events to the market. The powerful SaaS application is designed to bring sustainability reporting with ease to large M&E programs. Their launch TMCs and enterprises represent over 20,000 meetings per year.

With 69% of event planners saying sustainability will be an area of focus (Eventbrite Consumer Insights Report), event management agencies are under increasing pressure to reduce the environmental impact of their events. Thrust Events enables agencies to accurately measure the emissions generated by their events and take steps to reduce their carbon footprint, while also giving end users their travel and events footprint in one place.

The Thrust Events application was specifically designed for M&E programs with 200 to 50,000+ events. Supporting these complex events through automated data feeds, single-sign on, precise permissions, no user limit, and bulk data handling tooling.

Thrust Events has spent six months in testing with two top-ten TMCs, who represent M&E programmes of 20,000+ events. Helen van Berkel, ATPI Global Head of Events, said “At ATPI, we are constantly striving to provide our customers with the best possible travel and events solutions while enabling them also to reduce their impact on the environment. Thrust Events is a valuable addition to our service offering, as it allows us to deliver seamless event experiences while minimizing the carbon footprint. By partnering with Thrust Carbon, we are able to offer our customers sustainable travel and events options, which not only enhance their overall experience but also align with our commitment to corporate social responsibility.”

Using the tool, event managers can quickly and easily input venue, attendees, and transportation data to generate a white-label client-friendly emissions report. The tool relies on a blend of methodologies that Thrust Carbon’s research team has gathered from multiple government sources worldwide as well as major global event sponsors like the International Olympic Committee. They address everything from planning and preparation to execution and teardown.

This is the first tool of its kind to move beyond reporting. Providing actionable insights and recommendations, such as optimizing transportation, reducing food waste, and choosing more sustainable venues, to help event managers create more sustainable events.

“We are thrilled to launch Thrust Events, a groundbreaking technology platform that empowers event management agencies to reduce the carbon footprint of their events in an affordable and efficient manner,” said Kit Aspen, co-founder of Thrust Carbon. “Unlike traditional methods that rely on spreadsheets, Thrust Events sets a new standard for sustainability in the M&E sector by offering a comprehensive and integrated approach that maximises the impact of sustainability efforts.”

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