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What keeps crew managers up at night right now? hero image

What keeps crew managers up at night right now?

As crew managers continue to adapt to an unpredictable and fast-paced situation, we take the time to examine their greatest concerns right now...

The role of crew manager has always been demanding, but the pandemic has seen the challenges that crew managers have to overcome every day increase tenfold.

Although crew managers are not only responsible for crew rotations and travel, arranging crew travel can take up the most amount of their time. With an estimated invisible workforce of 1.5 million people working offshore, it’s easy to see why. Crew managers face the difficult task of balancing the needs and wants of offshore personnel against the financial health of a ship or oil rig, all within a turbulent industry during a turbulent time.

The logistics of crew travel have become significantly more complicated now that the threat of Covid-19 is present, with the average crew rotation taking five times longer when compared with pre-pandemic schedules.

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