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Navigating cost-efficient crew changes

ATPI Marine Travel is a leading provider of travel services to the energy and shipping industries on a global scale.
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With over a century of experience in the mercantile, yacht, and cruise industry, the company is a trusted travel management partner for some of the world’s most successful shipping companies. The company offers a range of services including global reach, 24/7 expertise, and technology designed specifically for the maritime industry, which helps companies navigate the challenges of modern shipping while ensuring cost-efficient crew changes.

Cost-Efficient Crew Changes

Given recent crew changes which have been out of the ordinary, ATPI understands that companies need to keep additional costs as low as possible. The company recently worked with a major cruising client and used its expertise and analytics to suggest alternative ports that would maximise cost efficiency for the client.

Data-Driven Analysis and Solutions

By analysing the nationalities of the client’s crew and their upcoming routes, ATPI could determine where it would be cheapest for the company to make crew changes based on historical data and patterns. The company discovered that the client could save heavily by not always using turnaround ports as crew change points for non-guest-facing staff and by extending or minimising contracts by a few days or weeks to achieve cost-efficient crew changes.

Specific Examples of Cost Savings

The analysis showed that choosing Amsterdam instead of Kiel/Hamburg for the Indonesian crew would save approximately 11% on air cost, while choosing Portsmouth/London instead of Kiel/Hamburg for the Filipino crew would save approximately 46% on air cost. Based on their historical data, the company then took the specific routes of one vessel and their Filipino crew, which made up the majority of the fleet and calculated the air cost difference per possible port for crew changes. By collaborating with their port agent, the company offered direct and indirect efficiencies which resulted in even higher savings for their Indonesian and Filipino crew.

Other Cost-Saving Solutions

In addition to suggesting alternative ports, ATPI offered other cost-saving solutions such as booking more in advance, which could save clients up to 34%. All of the cost savings were based on previous booking patterns and behaviour, routings, and nationalities of the clients.

Your Valuable Partner in the Marine Industries

ATPI Marine Travel’s bespoke service helped the client save money at a crucial time. The company’s expertise in the maritime industry and its commitment to cost, efficiency, and safety make it a valuable partner for companies in the energy and shipping industries.

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