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Fournir ce qui compte vraiment : Technologie

Here at ATPI we deliver what really matters. By facilitating the most dynamic and up-to-date solutions for our clients, we go above and beyond to ensure that each organisation receives a travel programme that suits their specific needs and requirements.

Last month we sat down with key stakeholders across the business to find out what Travel Managers really care about in 2022 now that normality has resumed.

The next interview was conducted with our Director of Digital Services, Jenny Thornton, who’s talking all things tech.

What currently matters in the world of travel regarding technology?

Being where our customers are. There is now more expectation to be able to book travel, using applications that we use in our everyday lives – be it personal applications or business applications such as Microsoft Teams, Google and WhatsApp.

What currently matters to travel managers regarding technology?

Above all, it needs to work so there is no noise in their business! They need to be sure all content is being offered so travellers not only get a good booking experience but also so they have confidence that their average fares are being maintained.

What currently matters to travellers regarding technology?

Some travellers are confident to travel, while others are more hesitant. Either way, being fully informed before the trip & having access to help 24/7 if needed are top of the list. Another really important mantra that ATPI believe in is “being where our customers are”.  Whether that means communication with teams to book, using app chat on trip, WhatsApp, or the traditional phone & email methods.  We want travellers to be able to engage with us in their everyday world.

What are your personal thoughts on technology in the world of travel?

There is so much of it, it’s fast-paced and we need to help simplify it for our customers. The key for me is using best-in-market tech so everybody gets the best overall experience. A customer being able to work in their own business environment without having to jump to multiple tools is going to become more prevalent over the next few months/years.

How have ATPI combatted problems travel managers may have surrounding technology?

We have a consultative approach and build bespoke solutions that fit to the needs of our customers. We listen to our customers’ desires, and then put solutions in front of them that will improve the overall travel experience. Understanding the client’s objectives is key in making sure we put the right tech platforms in front of their travellers – giving a single global entry point, that’s open API, allows us to present the right local market content – resulting in higher adoption.

What are your predictions for the future regarding technology in the travel industry?

Customers won’t need to leave their working environment to be able to make a booking….they will be able to instigate the booking within their Teams/Google Chat /Slack environments or even ask Alexa to do it for them…then pay for it with their cryptocurrency….

And finally, what do you think will be the main topics of discussion in the industry in five years?

Oh man, this is difficult….robots are taking over? While sustainability is a key topic now, hopefully in 5 years it will have been put into action….with people competing for the title of ‘most sustainable travel programme’