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Delivering what really matters: Duty of care

Here at ATPI we deliver what really matters. By facilitating the most dynamic and up-to-date solutions for our clients, we go above and beyond to ensure that each organisation receives a travel programme that suits their specific needs and requirements. Last month we sat down with key stakeholders across the business to find out what Travel Managers really care about in 2022 now that normality has resumed. The next interview was conducted with our Head of Commercial Strategy, Nikki Regan, who discusses the importance of duty of care in the corporate travel industry.

What currently matters in the world of travel regarding duty of care?

Duty of care has never been more important than in today’s post covid world. Whereas before the pandemic it was all about knowing where travellers are, now it is about preparing them for travel and Travel Management has become Traveller Management.

What currently matters to travel managers regarding duty of care?

Having a TMC partner that makes them feel confident in their role is critical. The visibility and importance of Travel Manager role has been elevated during covid with stakeholders such as HR, Risk and C suite level engagement. The Travel Manager needs to be confident that their travellers have the correct information to enable them to travel, at the right price.

What currently matters to travellers regarding duty of care?

Some travellers are confident to travel, others more hesitant. Either way, being fully informed before the trip & having access to help 24/7 if needed are top of the list. Another really important mantra that ATPI believe in is “being where our customers are”.  Whether that means communication on teams to book, using app chat on trip, WhatsApp, or the traditional phone & email methods.  We want travellers to be able to engage with us in their everyday world.

How have ATPI combatted problems travel managers may have surrounding duty of care?

ATPI have a number of our own solutions for tracking travellers & communicating on trip. We also partner with a number of specialist solutions, such as ISOS if our clients choose to have a medical offer for their travellers, or Sherpa for up the day advice on country health requirements. Our expert Client Care team work with their stakeholders to ensure that all the traveller needs to worry about is what to pack.

And finally, what do you think will be the main topics of discussion in the industry in five years?

This is such a hard question as our industry is dynamic in some areas and behind in others.. I think the hot topics will still be Sustainability, Diversity Equality & Inclusion as well as the age-old debate of what is good communication.

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