Driving sustainability and efficiency: Stork’s journey with ATPI





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Jochem Hemink

Head of Sales

e: jochem.hemink@atpi.com

Sustainability, ease of functionality and service levels were at the forefront of Stork’s priorities when searching for a new travel management company. During the tender process, it became clear that ATPI Energy Travel could go above and beyond the needs of Stork when they were searching for a new global solution.

Who are Stork?

Stork, a Fluor company, is a leading provider of fully integrated solutions for operations, maintenance modification and asset integrity for the industrial market.

With 16,000 employees across 100 countries, they serve more than 4,000 customers in 6 continents.

The Challenge

Stork’s five core values include Safety, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence and Client Focus. Finding a TMC to match these principles was imperative for the company. The selected party must also offer tools and services that fit with Stork’s professionalism, organisational sensitivity, structure and flexibility.

The Solution

ATPI Marine and Energy saw the perfect opportunity in a partnership when striking similarities were evident between Stork’s core values/objectives and ATPI’s beliefs – integrity, empowerment, innovation and service.

Having serviced Stork in the Netherlands and the UK previously, ATPI Marine and Energy had an excellent understanding of what is required to fulfil Stork’s global travel needs. After being selected by Stork UK to fulfil their domestic travel, ATPI Marine and Energy believed they have what it takes to propose further global solutions. For example, for the Netherlands, our team suggested a high quality, flexible and designated service which included additional support to manage expectations and provide excellent service throughout the duration of the agreement.

The core of the global travel programme across 10+ countries includes designated teams of travel consultants to manage all travel requirements coming from Stork, as well as support from a global account management team who support program management and supplier negotiations among others.

ATPI Marine and Energy further supported global travel operations for Stork through the use of a vast technology package. One of the highlights of this package is ATPI Travelhub. This gives all Stork users central access to all travel management systems through one single sign-on.

By taking advantage of the different features within ATPI Travelhub, localities across the globe can be catered to, creating a bespoke experience for the company. For example, Conferma within ATPI Travelhub, allows a member of staff to book hotel stays on ‘bill back’ across the UK, Netherlands and Germany. This is particularly important for technical teams that require accommodation for up to two weeks. These teams do not have a corporate card or cash advance, which means bill back is a key benefit for the team.

Further technology support was provided with ATPI eProfile. ATPI eProfile™ is the central database for the management of traveller profiles. It is the first time for Stork to have one traveller profile database worldwide for all their travellers, streamlining the process and creating ease for travellers.

In order to keep control and overview of global travel spend, Stork also utilises ATPI Analytics, a powerful tool that provides full global overview of the travel category. By using real-time data, Stork can analyse data right away and draw conclusions to drive cost savings and process improvements. Also the system delivers insight in the global CO2 emissions of the travel programme.

What does the client say?

“Stork places sustainability high in its objectives. We are working together with ATPI Marine and Energy to limit the impact on the environment due to travel. ATPI Marine and Energy has proved to be a very valuable partner with good initiatives and clear reports that contribute to sustainable choices for the future.”

“ATPI Marine and Energy has shown itself to be a full partner where the active and hands-on collaboration that ATPI Marine and Energy offers ensures that out travel activities are supported satisfactorily”

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