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ATPI eProfile

Effortless traveller profiles, smarter bookings

A centralised traveller profiling solution that makes for better booking, reduced admin and happier travellers.


ATPI eProfile is the cornerstone of efficient corporate travel management, functioning as a master database seamlessly integrated with all ATPI and third-party technologies. This innovative platform goes beyond the conventional, providing instant access to comprehensive traveller details, visa information, and personalised preferences with just a simple click. By streamlining this information, ATPI eProfile significantly accelerates the entire process of arranging corporate travel. The result is a dynamic solution that not only enhances accuracy and compliance but also frees up invaluable time for travel managers, bookers, and travellers alike. This newfound efficiency translates into heightened productivity, allowing stakeholders to focus on strategic aspects of travel planning and ensuring a seamless, hassle-free experience for everyone involved. ATPI eProfile revolutionises corporate travel, making it not just a process but a strategic advantage in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

Comprehensive Traveller Profiles

Comprehensive traveller profiles

Build and manage detailed traveller profiles to ensure personalised and seamless travel experiences.

Centralised Data Management

Centralised data management

Keep all essential travel information in one place, allowing easy access for efficient bookings and updates.

Dynamic Traveller Segmentation

Dynamic traveller segmentation

Categorise travellers based on criteria like frequency, destination, and preferences for targeted services.

Secure Data Handling

Secure data handling

Implement robust security measures to protect sensitive traveller information and maintain compliance.

Effortless Policy Enforcement

Effortless policy enforcement

Seamlessly integrate travel policies into traveller profiles, ensuring bookings adhere to company guidelines.

Seamless Integration with Booking Tools

Seamless integration with booking tools

Integrate eProfile with booking systems to ensure accurate traveller data is used throughout the booking process.

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