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Zara Higgins returns to ATPI as General Manager of Scotland

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With nearly 20 years of experience in sales and account management, Zara Higgins brings a wealth of expertise to her new role. Her diverse background includes successful stints in media sales, hotels, and, notably, the travel industry, where she has excelled in Global Account Management and Sales, with a strong focus on the Energy and Shipping sectors.

During her previous tenure with ATPI, Zara made significant contributions as she led Energy and Marine sales in the UK. Her recent work in driving the Global ERM strategy at CTM further highlights her strategic prowess. In light of her return, Zara expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “I am delighted to be returning to ATPI as General Manager in Scotland. This is an exciting time to be joining ATPI as it continues to grow locally and globally. I firmly believe that ATPI’s extensive experience & reputation in partnering with clients in the Energy and shipping industries makes us unique, and I look forward to supporting the continued growth of the business.”

Adam Knights, Regional Managing Director Europe and Middle East expressed his excitement about Zara’s return, stating, “Zara returns to ATPI in a well-deserved and important step up to our senior management team.” This sentiment reflects the recognition of Zara’s immense contributions to the company’s success during her previous tenure and her potential to drive further growth and excellence in her new role.

ATPI’s office in Aberdeen serves as a vital hub for the Oil and Gas industries, making Zara’s appointment even more significant. With her exceptional ability to foster strong client relationships and her passion for the travel sector, Zara is poised to make a considerable impact on ATPI’s success. The entire team is excited to welcome Zara Higgins back to the company and eagerly anticipates her leadership as General Manager, confident that her return will further elevate ATPI’s position in Scotland and the global market.

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