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Strengthening Women’s Hockey: ATPI Sports Travel, the Travel Partner in North America 

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ATPI Sports Travel was selected as the official travel provider for the Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) in North America. We coordinated all travel and logistics for athletes, teams, and staff. ATPI Sports Travel was also responsible for arranging the accommodation and transporting sports equipment. We asked Marc Sorrie, Project Manager at ATPI Sports Travel in Canada, about the opportunities and challenges whilst working with PWHL: “When difficulties arise, our strength comes to the fore.” 

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What services does ATPI Sports Travel provide to the PWHL? 

“We handle the entire travel logistics for all women’s teams in the League. This includes hotel bookings, assist with catering and special dietary needs, booking flights, local transport and transporting sports equipment, both domestically and internationally. We do this for officials, staff, and of course, the athletes of PWHL.” 

What challenges do you face? 

“The speed at which we had to get started was a challenge: the contract between ATPI Sports Travel and PWHL was signed in December 2023. The first game started on January 1, 2024, so we had to be operational extremely quickly. Fortunately, we are used to quick turnarounds!” 

Coordinating tournaments and events is quite complex. How do you manage it? 

“The PWHL games are mainly in the evenings and on weekends, outside ATPI’s office hours. Our teams need to be flexible enough to respond to this. Additionally, our network is crucial: we know the right channels to always book the correct flights, taxis, shuttles, and hotels. Our partners know us as a very reliable partner and have worked with us for a long time. This is reassuring, even for PWHL.” 

Can you give an example of how ATPI Sports Travel has truly made a difference? 

“Certainly. Recently, we had a game in Montreal. The team arrived well in advance, but a canceled flight left the hockey sticks in Burlington, Vermont. This was a task for our team. While the team bought new sticks as a precaution, we worked to get their sticks to the game on time. We succeeded to deliver them in the second part, allowing the team to play with their familiar equipment. That’s when you know you’re a partner you can rely on.” 

Are ‘unexpected challenges’ where ATPI Sports Travel excels? 

“Challenges are part of our business, which makes our work so rewarding. Our team stands for ‘getting things done,’ making things happen, especially when the going gets tough. The athletes and staff see this too and are genuinely grateful when we go the extra mile. That appreciation is what we do it for. When things get tough, we push forward and deliver for our clients.” 

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Is this where ATPI Sports Travel’s experience truly counts? 

“In everything we do, the person, or in this case, the athlete, is central. We have the experience, flexibility, knowledge of the sports world and an unparalleled network in the hospitality, aviation, hotel and transport sectors. Our motto is: ‘Whatever happens, we get the team to their destination!’ We commit to this 100% every day.” 

ATPI Sports Travel: 30 Years of Experience 

For nearly 30 years, ATPI Sports Travel has worked with renowned athletes, international sports teams, organizing committees and other major sporting events. From the Olympic Games, Winter Olympic Games, and FIFA World Cup to the Rugby World Cup, Concacaf, and The Ocean Race, ATPI Sports Travel has a reputation to be proud of. Custom solutions are always coupled with 24-hour support. 

We bring this experience to our partnership with PWHL. Our personal attention, efficient booking tools, and knowledge of top sports were decisive factors in PWHL choosing ATPI Sports Travel for this new platform for women’s elite athletes in North America. 

PWHL: The best women’s elite hockey players in North America 

The Professional Women’s Hockey League, established in 2023, spans six markets in Canada and the United States. The League showcases the world’s best women’s players in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Boston, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and the New York City area. This recent publication in  the Toronto Star says it all about the experience with ATPI Sports Travel.  

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