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Why should I use a travel management company for crew change logistics?

A travel management company can offer stress-free solutions for demanding crew change tasks.

The right travel management company will always find a solution under almost all circumstances. With an extensive team of specialists, no task is too difficult for a dedicated TMC. ATPI Marine Travel has remained alert and loyal to its promise of finding the most effective travel management solutions, despite all obstacles.

From repatriating thousands of crew staff to facilitating rescue flights, our team works 24/7 often offering far more than an in-house travel department could achieve. By providing real-time updates on travel restrictions due to COVID-19, ATPI offered invaluable information to crews across the world.

Not only did our teams work throughout the pandemic but also now during the Ukrainian crisis. Together with our clients and partners, we are working to find solutions on last minute, critical changes, with new destinations on already booked crew trying to find the best possible alternative solution to go back home or to join a vessel.

The right travel management company will offer adaptable and flexible services for the marine industry

The marine industry has more than proven its resilience in its history. Many companies grow, shrink or even change policies and on a vessel with a large crew this can have a huge impact on its operations and costs.

ATPI Marine and Energy can suggest a range of travel management outsourcing to fit your changing business and company culture. By providing flexibility, scalability and continuity in a world of changes.

During the pandemic, many companies chose to furlough office staff or even make redundancies to minimise costs. This created huge issues on emergency repatriations and vessel restarts as there was no experienced staff available to organise the necessary travel arrangements when required.

By outsourcing this to a travel management company, it allows the flexibility to restart or pause actions with great ease, whilst receiving specialist expertise.

A company may also use different or additional crew nationalities. A TMC will take this in their stride and very easily work on new routes, suggesting the appropriate solutions from offices around the globe.

In case of limited airline seat capacity at homeport locations, which are generally customary for crew changes and, for the purposes of providing travel cost savings, an experienced TMC will suggest alternative crew change locations within the vessel itinerary’s ports of call.

A great travel management company becomes an extension of your company

The right travel management company will first understand a company’s needs and will work in all its power to support the company’s growth and development plans. A TMC with marine crew expertise will constantly monitor maritime and cruise trends, preparing all appropriate solutions to implement within your business.

The right TMC will always look for the best solution for its client. They are not afraid to suggest or try new solutions after careful research and consideration and will always provide the most premium products at a reasonable price. Operators can benefit from direct savings of up to 15% due to ATPI Marine and Energy’s momentous buying power, access to exclusive marine fares and global network.

A good travel management company will help you consider your options around ESG

The maritime sector is increasingly turning its attention to environmental, social and corporate governance issues (ESG). Whilst the decarbonisation of shipping is at the top of the sustainability agenda, there is also increasing awareness about the welfare of crew in relation to shipowners and charterers.

ATPI Marine and Energy offers a range of ESG solutions to help safeguard your crew whilst also assisting with the decarbonisation of your activity. Through a comprehensive technology offering and exclusive booking options, our team can offer the best when prioritising the welfare of seafarers during crew rotations and travel. Find out more about how we can manage this in our short guide.

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