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The value of using a sports travel management company

Your athletes and players are the most valuable asset to your business, so ensuring they are both safe and secure when travelling to and from an important fixture or event is paramount to your company.
Sports Travel Management

A TMC that is experienced in the sports sector will have a thorough understanding of the industry and challenges within it. This ensures that your players are looked after and you receive multiple benefits for your organisation through sports travel management.

Beyond saving you money

Specialist teams.

Your TMC should have dedicated account management and travel consultants to the sports sector who can draw on past experiences and know your preferences when booking. Your account manager will be able to share best practice advice, as well as detailed management information.

Globally serviced, locally focused.

By using a global TMC with offices around the world; you’ll have the benefits of local knowledge, language and relationships on the ground. Benefitting you wherever your fixture or event is located.

Due diligence checks.

Working with a TMC that thoroughly investigates that their suppliers meet stringent safety, financial and security measures will ensure that you have peace of mind that your teams are looked after.

Support if something goes wrong.

Should an unplanned scenario occur, having support from your TMC regarding emergency response teams and planning is a necessity so you can react quickly and efficiently.

Tracking your journeys.

Ask your TMC if they offer an online employee tracking system. This will help you find out at the touch of a button where your players or athletes are in an emergency and if they require urgent travel support.

24/7 services.

A TMC that gives you true support can offer you an out-of-hours service globally, ideally managed in-house. This is not just for emergencies. A sports travel management company supports you at any time. This includes assisting those changing itineraries due to a late running fixture or offering advice when travel is delayed.

Strong supplier relationships.

An established TMC will have developed strong connections with key suppliers. This helps to resolve any problems quickly and easily. Additionally, if they are a global TMC, you’ll be able to leverage their buying power for supplier deals.

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