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Speedway stars tune-up global travel with ATPI Racing

Hot racing prospects Dan Bewley and Zach Wajtknecht are giving their racing teams a Formula One tune-up for success.

The British Speedway and Longtrack speed freaks are going for World Championship glory in both of their two-wheeled disciplines in 2021.

To enhance their chances, both riders have joined the first-ever ATPI Racing Team to streamline the efficiency of their racing schedules.

Cumbrian Bewley, 22, said: “I knew that I had to change my preparation in 2021. APTI have given me the set-up which I needed along the lines of F1.

“I’ve already done 60,000 miles this year to race in meetings in Europe. This would only be possible using ATPI.

“It means I can use the TapTrip app to book my travel literally within minutes. It has been so difficult with cancelled flights because of Covid-19, so this has become essential.

“With my travel far more efficient, it means I have the correct schedule to do fitness, nutrition and machinery preparation with the Great Britain Speedway Team.

“The ATPI team gives me everything I need to succeed, so all I need to do is focus on winning races and that’s going great so far.

“I’m just five races from reaching the Grand Prix series for 2022. That’s my dream to become World Champion.”

Wajtknecht, 23, hit incredible speeds of 120kph in his World Longtrack title bid which started in Marmande, France in early July.

The Salford local said: “The levels of professionalism that being in the ATPI team adds I know can make the difference to make me World Champion.

“It’s a big ask in such a fast sport like Longtrack. But I’m now part of a huge team with so much ability and know-how at my disposal.”

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