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ATPI Travel Authorisation System

Efficient travel
approval system

Streamline travel requests, customise approval workflows, and gain real-time visibility for safer and cost-efficient corporate travel with ATPI Travel Authorisation System.


ATPI Travel Approval System goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach by offering multi-level approval and versatile workflows, making it a highly adaptable solution that aligns seamlessly with your unique company structure. This customisation ensures that your organisation can tailor the system to its specific needs, reflecting the intricacies of your corporate hierarchy and travel policies. The flexibility embedded in this system is instrumental in crafting a corporate travel program that not only prioritises safety but also exercises meticulous control over expenditures. With the ability to configure approval levels and workflows, ATPI empowers your organisation to design a travel management framework that optimally balances safety, compliance, and financial control. This adaptability serves as a strategic asset, allowing you to create a bespoke travel program that not only meets but exceeds your organisation’s evolving requirements.

Efficient Travel Authorisation

Efficient travel authorisation

Expedite travel requests with a streamlined approval process that ensures quick decisions and reduced delays.

Customisable Approval Workflows

Customisable approval workflows

Tailor approval chains to match your organisation’s structure, ensuring the right stakeholders review and authorise travel.

Real-Time Visibility

Real-time visibility

Provide real-time tracking of travel requests, enabling both travellers and approvers to stay informed.

Budget Impact Assessment

Budget impact assessment

Evaluate the financial impact of travel requests in real time, enabling better budget management.

Speedy Approval Process

Speedy approval process

Accelerating the approval process with automated email reminders, simple online request forms and one-click mobile-compatible response options.

Audit Trail & Reporting

Audit trail & reporting

Maintain a comprehensive record of all travel approvals and rejections, ensuring transparency and accountability.

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