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Driving energy sector advancements: ATPI’s solutions and focus on talent

As an integral extension to the Energy supply chain, global travel management company, ATPI, stands at the forefront of addressing the energy sector's challenges through innovation, talent development, and sustainability.
Energy Sector Advancements

With a deep understanding of the sector’s intricacies, we are committed to revolutionising travel management with cutting-edge technologies and sustainable solutions. In this article, we delve into ATPI’s pivotal role in driving energy sector advancements by nurturing future talent and supporting energy security while facilitating a smooth transition to a sustainable future for the industry.

ATPI’s prowess in delivering best-in-class global solutions for the energy sector goes hand in hand with our commitment to innovation. Our advanced technologies drive seamless travel experiences while optimising costs, catering to diverse lines of business. By harnessing cutting-edge robotics and automated interfaces, we ensure a customer-centric approach while adhering to individual company policies.

As a worldwide network, our vast scope of offices empowers us to cater to the unique needs of the energy industry across the globe. Throughout this article, we aim to provide an educational insight into the world of travel.

Deeply committed to nurturing future talent, ATPI supports the sector’s growth and sustainability. Through well-structured trainee schemes and fruitful collaborations with local colleges and universities, we attract and cultivate skilled candidates.

By fostering a culture of flexibility in working days and hours, ATPI actively encourages working parents to return to the industry, contributing to a diverse and inclusive workforce. Furthermore, our expansion into international markets, including India and The Philippines, bolsters the availability of proficient resources in crucial domains like digital and Management Information Systems (MIS).

ATPI Halo, a pioneering initiative, addresses the energy sector’s challenges in achieving net-zero targets. By strategically addressing Scope 3 travel-related emissions, particularly in a sector where workforce travel to remote locations is essential, ATPI Halo plays a pivotal role in supporting businesses on their path to sustainability. Our carefully curated portfolio of carbon offset projects not only helps clients achieve their net-zero goals but also preserves and restores carbon-capturing landscapes while supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Empowering energy clients, ATPI Analytics provides detailed insights into CO2e emissions, enabling them to make informed decisions to reduce their carbon footprint. The ATPI Halo portfolio offers a range of carefully selected carbon offset projects, from nature-based forestry to renewable energy initiatives, ensuring clients can offset their unavoidable travel carbon footprint and achieve carbon neutrality.

These projects, located in regions where clients actively operate, contribute to environmental and social development. Independently monitored and subject to rigorous due diligence, the projects offer transparency and accountability. Carbon offset certificates provide clients with tangible evidence of their commitment to carbon reduction, aligning with UN SDGs, and can be presented to auditors with legal proof of engagement.

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