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Direct ATPI to neutralise carbon emissions from ITM Energise

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Direct ATPI, the global business travel management company, will be the official offset partner for the ITM Energise conference on the 26-27 April 2023. 

For a second year running, ATPI Halo, the company’s sustainability measurement, reduction and offset service will assist ITM on their journey to neutralise the carbon emissions for delegates’ travel to and from the ITM energise conference in Brighton using high quality ATPI Halo portfolio projects.

ITM has chosen to support an initiative to restore valuable UK agricultural soil, as well as a cookstove project in Nepal to address the carbon emissions of the 500 plus attendees. The Blaston regenerative farming project, located in Leicestershire, aims to improve soil health, which in turn promotes biodiversity and creates sustainable farming, producing nutritious food whilst sequestering carbon. 

The total amount of carbon removed during the project’s first vintage year (2021-2022) was approximately 5,000 tonnes and has been supported by several UK businesses including ATPI and ITM. The Nepal Cookstoves project improves the respiratory health of vulnerable communities, at the same time as reducing deforestation for traditional open charcoal stoves.

In 2022, ITM offset over 270,000 travel miles for delegates attending the ‘Accelerate’ Conference in Birmingham, equating to over 65 tonnes of CO2 through ATPI Halo.

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Pippa Ganderton, Head of Product at ATPI Halo said “ITM is setting the standard for UK based conferences by continuing to carbon neutralise 100% of its attendees’ travel footprint. We’re excited that our partnership with ITM will allow the Blaston regenerative farming project to continue its pioneering work in the UK, as well as the reduction of reliance on firewood, preserving forests and improving health in Nepal.”

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