Digital event: Employee party with 750 guests


Leading Client



Inge Kramer

Senior Project Manager


ATPI Events organizes courses, meetings, conferences, workshops and symposia for scientific organizations.  As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a client’s annual employee party could not be organized “live”. The client therefore wanted to organize the annual party via an online platform, a digital event, to offer employees the opportunity to have a relaxed evening in an informal atmosphere.

We worked hard on an unforgettable digital event. Curious how we approached this? We explain it on the basis of our 5-step plan.

Step 1: Investigate

When creating an ideal digital event, our Project Managers start at step 1: ‘Investigate’. The specific challenge presented by the client had an effect on the organization of the employee party. Normally, the employee party is organized per country where the office is located. Due to the transition to an online party, all offices of the different countries were involved. This had consequences for the programme and the number of participants. It was therefore necessary to investigate which platform best suited the objectives.

The client expressed a preference for organizing the online party with the Let’s Get Digital platform. A platform mainly used for organizing conferences. It was therefore necessary to look carefully at the possibilities that the platform offers – and which options best suit a staff party.

Step 2: Create

In collaboration with a team from different departments, there was a weekly consultation about the state of affairs. What ideas were put forward and how could these ideas be converted into output. After some of these weekly meetings, a programme was put together.

  • Live lobby stream with hostesses, welcome and introduction by the high level management of the organization (both live and via a video connection), live music from a DJ, band with singer and performances of the Dutch Metropole Orchestra, recorded video messages from colleagues
  • Streaming room a la Hollands Got Talent (submitted performances by employees including host and live jury)
  • Streaming room with Pub Quiz (including live host)
  • Twice a streaming room especially for different departments to discuss results
  • Network carousel in which employees have the opportunity to meet each other digitally
  • Recipes market with submitted recipes from employees including “How to” videos
  • Promotion of internal charities with live chat from ambassadors
Step 3: Convert

To ensure that the entire programme runs smoothly, scripts were drawn up for each part, so that all employees who were involved knew exactly when which items would take place. Which cameras should run when and who should have sound at what time. On the day of the party, a “Dry Run” was organized in advance, during which the entire programme was discussed.

The challenges we encountered in the organization of the employee party had to do with the Covid-19 guidelines. Think of a maximum number of people that could actually be present. Sufficient distance also had to be kept and parts of the programme had to be organized from another location, with a live connection.

By mapping out all these challenges in advance, everyone was able to receive the correct instructions. Various functionalities of the platform were frequently tested prior to the party, to ensure a smooth event.

“By mapping all these challenges in advance, everyone was able to receive the correct instructions”

Step 4: Manage

On the day of the employee party, everyone involved in the organization had to be at the live location around 12:00 PM. The first preparations started six hours before the start.

Various matters were discussed in advance. The microphones were tested and the cameras were situated in the right places, plus the sound check for the artists were performed. The programme was also reviewed in detail – and adjusted where necessary.

Participants had until 2:00 pm to register. At 4:00 PM all registered participants received an email with a link to the event plus the login codes that could be used. From this moment on it was a countdown to the start. Participants could log in from 5:45 PM.

At 5:45 pm the first participants immediately logged in, the counter ran up quickly, every minute up to 25 new logged in participants were added. It was very busy in the general chat. In the end there were 750 participants who actively participated. Amazing!

Step 5: Evaluate and Learn

During the digital event, positive feedback was immediately received about the look & feel of the platform, how nice it was that – despite this time –
an employee party was organized.

The opportunity to have an informal evening with colleagues was something many needed.

The evening went smoothly, employees enjoyed the various performances, videos and other programme elements. “The best night since the start of the corona pandemic!” – was often heard. We are proud of this successful event!

The best night since the start of the corona pandemic!

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