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Creating an unique hospitality experience for the Invictus Games


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Kevin Perrin

Global Head of Commercial for Sports Business


The 2023 edition of The Invictus Games is scheduled to be held in Düsseldorf. It’s the first time this unique international sporting event will be held in Germany, and it is set to take place from September 9th to 16th.

The 6th edition of The Invictus Games in Düsseldorf aims to raise awareness and recognition for warriors who have been wounded, injured, or affected in body and spirit. The event is also supporting their journey of rehabilitation. In collaboration with the German Armed Forces, the city is set to host over 500 participants from 22 nations, alongside their family members and friends. These participants will engage in competitions across ten categories under the theme “A HOME FOR RESPECT.”

ATPI is proud that the organization of the Invictus Games approached for cooperation in the field of hospitality, logistics and organization of accommodations. Our exclusive interview with Jordyn Bayly-Jones, Senior Client Services Manager at ATPI Canada, provides insights into the challenges overcome and bespoke solutions offered through close collaboration with the Invictus team.

Tailoring for specific needs

Q: What challenges did the Invictus Games face in organizing accommodations and hospitality for the event?

The Invictus Games encountered a notable challenge in handling the complicated logistics of negotiating contracts and managing room allocations with hotels. This task diverged from their core expertise, demanding valuable time and resources that were needed for other crucial aspects of the event as well.

Q: How did ATPI’s offering address these challenges?

ATPI’s comprehensive offering played a vital role in addressing these challenges. Pointing out our global proficiency in accommodation search, transportation and ground services, food and beverage management and on-site support, we are committed to assist the organisation in these matters and provide streamlined process for the Invictus Games 2023. With our attention to detail, our team will oversee all logistical aspects and supplementary requirements associated with this major sporting event.

This approach empowers the Invictus Games organizers, so they can fully concentrate on crafting an exceptional experience for their esteemed guests. The significance of this distinguished event, combined with the fortitude of athletes and participants, drives our dedication to ensure smooth logistics and be part of a successful event in September.

Q: Could you elaborate on ATPI’s approach to the accommodation search for the Invictus Games?

Drawing upon our international network and expertise in the area of global sports, ATPI meticulously searched for accommodation in strategic locations, making sure these were close to airports and sports venues as well. Our accommodation search was tailored to address the specific needs of athletes, officials, staff, and media. Furthermore, we conducted credit assessments, negotiated optimal booking and payment conditions, and pursued the most favorable room rates.

Q: How will ATPI manage transportation and ground services during the event?

ATPI’s team of experts will take charge of sourcing, negotiating with, and contracting transportation suppliers, ensuring a seamless transportation experience. The team will prepare and manage transportation schedules while ensuring the quality of shuttle services and transfers. Additionally, ATPI will oversee parking accreditation and furnish English-speaking drivers for guests’ comfort and convenience.

Q: How will ATPI ensure an excellent food and beverage experience for the event attendees?

ATPI’s expertise and approach extends to food and beverage management as well. Our team will oversee buffet arrangements, aligning with menu preferences that cater to athletes’ distinct requirements. Furthermore, we will manage rooming lists and accommodate special requests and modifications as necessary. Our team will also facilitate smooth group check-ins and furnish accommodation details to all attendees. With our attention to detail, we will make sure to deliver a delightful dining experience for event attendees during the Invictus Games.

Q: What are ATPI’s anticipated results and outcomes for their contributions during the Invictus Games?

While the event is yet to take place, we are confident in delivering a great hospitality and accommodation experience in Düsseldorf for all participants. Through our expertise and experience in the selection of accommodations, expert planning, and dedicated on-site support, our aim is to forge unforgettable memories for all attending guests.

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