Combining a conference and incentive


An Aged Care Organisation

John bergmann
John Bergmann

Commercial Head Corporate & Sports Events


Find out how ATPI Corporate Events helped an aged care organisation to empower their staff with a memorable conference.

The Client

An Aged Care Organisation.

The Objective

To create a unique conference experience to empower the staff for the year ahead, by providing an environment in which the attendees could focus on planning and forecasting, whilst including fun and interactive elements to their overall experience.

The Challenge

The client had a limited budget that ATPI worked with to deliver the required outcomes. It took a very considered approach to create a programme to fit a detailed brief that came within the budgeted figure.

In addition, the target audience varied with different age groups and physical capabilities so ATPI Corporate Events were tasked with finding suitable activities that all could participate in. 

A final challenge was that the client had time limitations in order to execute both the conference and incentive components needed over the course of five days.

The Solution

ATPI Corporate Events utilised our strong supplier relationships at the destination to negotiate the best possible prices and package inclusions to remain within budget, yet still meet the client’s needs.

With respect to the differing age groups in attendance, we conducted a significant amount of research in respect to a variety
of programmes that were appropriate for all attendees. Some examples of this included a yacht cruise which provided the opportunity to walk ashore from the boat easily.

ATPI Corporate Events arranged buggies where necessary to transport attendees to and from the resort to the conference venue and arranged a set dinner including karaoke which all could participate in.

After receiving the brief, ATPI presented five programme options to the client across the five days, enabling the choice of the most suitable options within the timeframe.

The Result

ATPI Corporate Events delivered a successful and seamless event, with the staff feedback being that it was well received from all involved, and it felt like a truly ‘different’ conference.

The combination of work, relaxation and adventure meant that the objectives were met and ATPI Corporate Events provided a unique programme with solutions sourced for all client requirements.

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