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John bergmann
John Bergmann

Commercial Head Corporate & Sports Events


When it comes to providing hospitality and handling event logistics during a major sports event, ATPI’s hospitality expertise shines through. That’s why ATPI recently teamed up with Just Eat to handle all the event logistics for the 2023 UEFA Champions League Final in Istanbul. ATPI has been taking care of event logistics for Just Eat since they became the official food delivery partner of UEFA in 2021, ensuring a seamless experience for all involved. Let’s dive into the story and see what made this partnership so impressive.

A seamless guest experience

Managing logistics during a major sports event involves catering to a large number of guests, precision and attention to detail are essential elements. During the Champions League Final in Istanbul, ATPI managed the hospitality, travel, and accommodation for 357 Just Eat Takeaway guests. The essence of ATPI’s work lies in creating unforgettable guest experiences. From the moment these 357 guests left their homes to the time they said goodbye, ATPI was there to make sure that each guest felt valued and attended to.

Hotel accommodation: making comfort a priority

The comfort and well-being of the guests form a continuous thread that weaves through the entire experience. The Champions League Final demands not only impeccable planning but also a commitment to providing a great stay for all stakeholders. This is where ATPI shines. We prioritize guest comfort and hotel accommodation was carefully selected and booked, years ahead by our hotel desk experts with attention to every detail. Every check-in counter became a gateway to comfort, every room key a ticket to respite. Our goal was to ensure that guests could seamlessly shift from the buzz of the event and the city to the tranquility of their accommodations.

Navigating airports

As the gateway to a major sports event, airports set the tone for what lies ahead. ATPI’s hospitality management of logistics at Istanbul’s International Airports made sure that the guests could count on a seamless arrival and departure. Through efficient navigation, we paved the way for our guests, making sure to turn the airport chaos into a symphony of efficiency.

Beyond the wheels: The essence of efficient transport

In the world of event logistics, the movement of our guests isn’t just about transportation. It’s about efficiency, ensuring that everyone arrives at their destination without a hitch. ATPI took on this role, coordinating a fleet of buses that formed the backbone of smooth and hassle-free transportation.

Digital guest engagement: The ATPI event app

ATPI’s registration and event communication app proved to act as a bridge between guests and unforgettable moments. From registration to sharing practical information like departure times, travel itineraries, hotel addresses, etc. the app elevated the guest experience, seamlessly blending innovation with immersion. By offering real-time updates, customization, and interactive features, the app redefined the interaction between the guests during the event, enhancing the experience. By keeping guests informed and engaged, the app added a new layer of excitement and connection to the experience.
ATPI’s work and dedication made the Champions League Final experience unforgettable for Just Eat Takeaway guests. It’s not just about the event itself; it’s about the memories that stick around long after the final whistle. And the feedback ATPI received shows how much these efforts were appreciated.

Just Eat’s experience

“A huge thank you for your performance during the Champions League Final in Istanbul. What a project it was, everything was accurately taken care of. From the UEL Final to the Women’s and the UECL, topping it all off with the Champions League Final in Istanbul. Our mailboxes are flooded with compliments. From guest management, the Just Eat events app, travel to hotels, and transportation; everything was wonderfully organized. The traffic in Istanbul was challenging and beyond our control, no one could have done anything about that. You were further praised for your swift action when it was completely jammed, using push messages in the Events App, and arranging for smaller vans instead of large buses.”

Marijn Luchtman – Global Head of Sponsorships Just Eat